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Dr. Kathryn Norcross Black holds the title of professor emeritus from Purdue University (where she worked for 34 years as a developmental psychologist) and currently functions as an adjunct professor at Roosevelt University and the University of Arizona. 

Being both a visitor to interesting locations as well as a perpetual student, Kathryn loves to share her insight and humor into the human condition with young and old alike.   Her desire to learn has led her to take training in hypnosis, meditation, reframing, divorce mediation, Reiki, and past life regression. As a life coach, she enjoys the challenge of assisting people in making positive and productive life changes.

For the past 10 years, Kathryn has been a volunteer group leader at the Institute for Continued Learning at Roosevelt University covering such topics as happiness, altered states of consciousness, wisdom, and dealing with anxiety and fear. She has also led women’s workshops for a variety of Unitarian Universalist congregations.

Kathryn can be reached at:

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