Journey To Inner Peace Through The Animals:
A Tail Waggin Experience
by Carol Schultz

What is it that you would like in your life? More time with friends and family? A way to stay connected with your inner self? Time to get away and just feel at peace?

Be willing to explore and discover the world as the animals see, hear, smell, and experience it. Notice the wonder of a small touch, or enjoy the sun sparkling through the window or through the leaves of the tree. They hold the belief that their person will come home "on time" to once again play. What are you waiting for? A nudge? Encouragement? Consider this an invitation to celebrate and be with them in heart and in spirit.

What the animals would like is for you to hear them. To believe in them. To trust in them. To be their friends and confidants. They have incredible magic and power inside of their beautiful bodies to be awoken by someone who is simply ready, and wanting to listen. The animals are wonderful teachers as part of our journeys, and desire to guide us along the way.
And that’s all it takes. Good listening. Deep listening. Listening with your heart. Listening with your mind. Stillness. Awareness. Connection. Trust. Belief. Hope.

Travel to a distant galaxy with them on a perfect vacation. Be away for a while and come back, realizing that barely a minute has passed, and you are fully relaxed and refreshed. You can "get away", or "be alone", but with an animal at your side, you’ll always have a guide. You are never alone when you have animal companionship. They are always "tuned in" to the daily broadcasts from your heart and mind, waiting to hear a passing thought of you taking a moment to recognize their presence.
Trust in their inner awareness. Simply become who they are inside at their deepest core, and you will be inspired to return to a state of innocence and peace. It’s truly possible, and all in a few seconds once you’ve relearned what it feels like to do so. Enjoy their simplicity, the realness, the authenticity. Experience your inner self through a moment of connection with an animal spirit, or appreciate the sacred space and connection with one of your own animal companions.

They all have something to say. Once you open up and start talking with the animals, if you trust and practice, it will never stop. It becomes natural, as it has always meant to be for humans. They LOVE to be chatty and truly aware of what you are involved in every single day. Talk with them through your heart when you are away from home, walk with them in your dreams. Trust that they know the answer and will never let you down. That’s what they believe about you, and they know it to be true. Just acknowledge in your heart that they are simply waiting for you to call their name, and be open to take in everything that they want to give. Be ready to experience a mutual healing presence for you both.

There are no boundaries. In a way, we are all one species on this planet, sharing and growing together as part of Mother Earth, and the animals are here to talk and help make it a magic place for us all. We simply need to do our part, too, and awaken the magic that lives inside.

In the Animal Communication Basic Course, we gather together to listen. Listen to our hearts, listen to each other, and definitely listen to the animals. We open up to reawaken and regain the pure gift of telepathic animal communication that you were born with, and trusted fully in your innocence of childhood hopes and dreams. Remember? It might be time to adventure and rediscover what is waiting inside for you to hear. Believe, trust, and have fun, and you’ll find your tail wagging and feathers flapping, too!

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