(& a few in Iowa too!)

(updated  5/6/13)

Relax4Life Center Barrington, IL
(Open by appointment and for students during our events and classes-www.relax4life.com)
To schedule an appointment, please call 847-842-1752

35', 7-Circuit Brick & Grass Cretan, 60' Brick & Grass Man In The Maze and 36' stone and mulch, 8-Walled Roman design. 

8-27-04 Cretan good small.jpg (8725 bytes) MITMfirstfrost10-10link.jpg (35155 bytes)   8-27-04 Roman good small.jpg (8547 bytes)
    35' 7-Circuit Cretan                                             60' Man In The Maze                                 36' 8-Walled Roman

Note: Relax4Life is a fragrance-free environment. We ask that you refrain from wearing on your clothes or person any fragrances. We thank you for your consideration. Besides the outdoor walking labyrinths, there is a small labyrinth gift area inside the Center where you can browse our unique wood finger labyrinth designs and other labyrinth-related gift items.

26402 N. Edgemond Lane, Barrington, IL 60010

For An Appointment-(847) 842-1752

Union Church Labyrinth-Lake Bluff (public)

LakeBlufflabweb.jpg (20043 bytes)

27 foot, 5-circuit design composed of a base of asphalt screenings and beautiful hand-painted brick. Nestled just south of the parking lot behind the church. It is available from sunrise to sunset 7 days/week.  All are welcome!  For additional information, please contact: Tracy Hindman at sacredpath12@aol.com.


Kingswood United Methodist Church Labyrinth-Buffalo Grove (public)

Kingswoodlabyrinth.jpg (19632 bytes)

40 foot Chartres design composed of limestone-screenings and brick, located on the west end of the church property.

The labyrinth was an Eagle Scout project of troop 401 and was created in the summer of 2011.  The labyrinth is a memorial to youth whose life journeys were cut short too soon and is a gift to the community.  The labyrinth is open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset.  All ae welcome!  Contact or stop by the church office for an informational brochure (847) 398-0770 or office@kingswoodumc.com

Saint Giles Episcopal Church-Northbrook (Public)

Stgileslab.jpg (15780 bytes) 
3025 Walters Avenue (847) 272-6622

All are welcome to walk the 40-foot, 7-circuit classical labyrinth of grass and brick, which was dedicated in October 2012.  It is located at the quiet south end of our property just off the parking lot and next to a community vegetable garden. Designed by Guy Palm in consultation with church members and installed by Gaona Landscaping, the labyrinth is open from sunrise to sunset. Visitors may also use our Prayer Room for reading and reflection, with books about labyrinths there along with finger labyrinths to try (please call ahead for open hours). Photos and more info can be found on our website at www.saint-giles.org.


Labyrinth at the Dome Education & Gathering Center-Roscoe

Roscoelab.jpg (22846 bytes)

30 foot stone and grass, modified 8-circuit Chartres design.  6524 Blevidere Rd, Roscoe, IL 61073.  Call Randy & Jessie Mermel for availability: (815) 623-9878 or  www.thedomecenter.org

Earth-Wisdom Labyrinth (public)

ewl9-11small.jpg (18910 bytes)

Elgin-Unitarian Universalist Church-1st Permanent Outdoor Labyrinth in Illinois

94 foot stone & Playwood Chartres pattern-recently restored with crushed limestone replacing the original playwood. 

Hours: Sunrise-Sunset Daily or call the church to register large groups: for information:  (847) 888-0668

3 miles west of the intersection of Randall Rd. & Highland Ave. on Highland-on the right side of the road-church looks like a large modern barn; the labyrinth is just to the right of the back of the church.


St. Scholastica Monastery, Chicago (public)

stscholasticasmll.jpg (3953 bytes)

Outdoor Inlaid Chartres design

60 feet in diameter.

7430 N. Ridge Blvd. Enter at the service drive. Go west on white gravel.  The labyrinth is located west of the garden at the north end of campus.

The labyrinth is open during daylight hours

Sr. Mariella Hathorn, O.S.B.       Phone 773.764.2413, x231


Community Prayer Labyrinth at Peace Lutheran Church,
Lake Zurich

Peacelutheranlabweb.jpg (18408 bytes)

This 65’ diameter, modified seven circuit pattern is made up of concrete pavers and lawn.  The path is wheelchair friendly and there is a large seating rock in the center for reflecting or resting. For visitors unable to walk the labyrinth, a seating area with a finger labyrinth is provided. Our Labyrinth was designed by Pamela Self Landscape Architecture.  Dedication on 5/15/11 in celebration of our 25th Year Anniversary. Please join us 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset.  1050 Old Rand Road, Lake Zurich, 60047

Pastor Mark Sundberg   Phone 847-438-4400  peacemark@sbcglobal.net  or
Beth Piff      Phone: 847-361-0429   bpiff@aol.com


Faith Community United Church Of Christ, Prairie Grove (public)

faithcommunitylab.jpg (7393 bytes)

60' Mulch and stone, Classical 7-Circuit (Cretan) Design with bench in the center for resting/reflecting.

for information call the church: (815) 479-1307

The church is located on the border between Crystal Lake and Prairie Grove at the corner of Route 176 and Bayview Beach Rd. approximately 1 mile east of Valley View Rd.  Turn left into the church parking lot via Bayview Beach Rd. and proceed east to the church and labyrinth. 

The labyrinth is open 24 hours

Marianjoy Rehabilitation Institute-Wheaton (public)

marianjoylabsm.jpg (18134 bytes)

42-foot, concrete, Chartres pattern-made using Labyrinth Enterprises proprietary polymer concrete technique. The labyrith is in the open air atrium accessed by the lower level which connects the old hospital, new hospital, and parking garage. Park in the new parking garage and walk down to the lower level.  Open 24 hours.

Marianjoy is located at 26W171 Roosevelt Rd.  For information, call 630-909-8000.


Green Town Demonstration Garden-Waukegan (public)

waukeganlab.JPG (65441 bytes)

35 South Genesee Street

18’ 4" diameter Chelsea labyrinth paved with 3 tons of red tiles lies in a downtown garden of tranquility and peace, beside a stone Buddha statue. The walk from entry to center is 164’, and the round-trip journey allows time to retrace the path of one’s life or to contemplate the meaning of the day. In spring, the interstices will be planted with Purple Lemon carpet thyme, adding an additional sensory element to the experience.

The labyrinth and garden were created in 2007 by TOWN (Taskforce on Waukegan Neighborhoods) and was a gift by the Fuquas. and contains plots of perennials, annuals, native plants, herbs and spectacular sunflower.  For more information, contact Nada 847-917-8310 or www.waukegan.com.

Womanspace Labyrinth-Rockford (public-sunrise-sunset)

womanspacelabsm.jpg (16561 bytes)

This 72' Chartres labyrinth has crushed limestone paths with limestone walls.  There are 6 stone benches in the center for sitting and reflecting as well as a stone table for leaving small tokens of the walk such as a stone, feather etc.  It can be accessed by following the ribbon "prayer-flags" that lead the walker from our parking lot through the pine forest and out onto the prairie where the labyrinth is located. 3333 Maria Linden Dr., Rockford

For more information, contact Elaine Hirschenberger at 815-877-0118 or www.womanspace-rockford.org

Naperville Riverwalk Brick Chartres (public)

napervillelab.jpg (4644 bytes)

Exact Chartres Replica-approximately 42 feet in diameter, inlaid brick paving stone

Naperville-Riverwalk (downtown Naperville, corner of Eagle & Jackson)

For information: Marty or Debi Kermeen-(630) 552-3408

The Labyrinth is open 24 hours


Theosophical Society Labyrinth, Wheaton (public)

theosophlab.jpg (5581 bytes)

Classical 7-Circuit (Cretan) Design

Approximately 50 feet in diameter, made of round grey walking plates with river pebbles as the walls.

for information call Quest Bookshop: (630) 665-0123

The Theosophical Society is located just west of the intersection of Geneva Rd. and Main St. in Wheaton (Stop in at Quest Bookshop to see Relax4Life's Finger Labyrinths).  The labyrinth is located 1/2 a block south of Quest (just south and west of the vegetable gardens).

The labyrinth is open 24 hours


St. Elisabeth Episcopal Church, Glencoe (public)

Glencoelaby.jpg (15619 bytes)

Our labyrinth is a permanent 44 foot "garden" labyrinth, patterned after the one at Chartres Cathedral. St. Elisabeth's offers it as a symbol of hospitality and blessing to the larger community. It is always open, and all are welcome!

This labyrinth lies in a tree-enclosed corner of the church property, directly west of St. Elisabeth's Rectory. Located just east of the 5-point intersection of South Street, Greenwood, and Hawthorn Ave., it is 2 blocks west of Green Bay Road. An informational leaflet is available at the entrance.

The Rev. Daphne Cody      Phone: 847.835.0458      DCody@StElisabethsGlencoe.org


Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church, Chicago Heights (public)

chicagoheightslabsmall.jpg (20271 bytes)

50 foot Chartres design composed of limestone-scree and concrete block, incised into the front lawn of the church complex.  Brought from vision to fruition by former pastor, Rev. Andrew Leahy, the labyrinth took more then a year to complete through the efforts of volunteers. 

Located on the Front Lawn of the church at 667 West 8th Street, Chicago Heights, just east of Western Avenue between Vollmer Road and Hwy 30. Available 24 hrs.

For more information call the church office: 708-481-3222 or visit the church website: www.princeofpeacelutheran.com


Resurrection Center, Woodstock (public)

resurrectlab.jpg (15784 bytes)

60+ foot diameter inlaid brick and grass Chartres design.

2710 S. Country Club Road

For information, call: (815) 338-1032

from the east: Route 14 to sign pointing to Ridgefield (just past Route 176 intersection.) Go north on that road until you come to a stopsign (Country Club Rd.) and go right and follow road (curves to the left) and stay on it for about 2 miles and come to Resurrection Church sign on right.  Go past the church and approximately 2 blocks further, you will see two brick pillars on the right which is the entrance to Resurrection Center.  Go back and park in the parking lot.  The labyrinth is behind the building towards the pond, just to the right of the fire pit and to the left of the statue of Mother Mary.


Lake Forest Hospital Labyrinth (public)

lakeforestlab.jpg (6013 bytes)

60-foot Cretan pattern,  grass with blue walking path-open sunrise to sunset.

Located adjacent to the Hunter Family Center for Women's Health

For Information, call 847-536-6111

Crystal Lake Park Labyrinth, Urbana, IL

urbanalabsmall.jpg (3931 bytes)


42 foot tan and charcoal brick Chartres located on the southwest corner of
Crystal Lake Park, near the corner of Orchard and Church Streets, just behind
the Carle Foundation Hospital. 

open 24 hours to the public: 217-344-1120

St. James Cathedral Labyrinth, Downtown Chicago

stjamescathlab.jpg (36020 bytes)

30 foot AllDeck surface, acrylic resin and fiberglass Chartres located on the terrace between the church and the diocese office building, 1 1/2 blocks from Michigan Avenue.

open 24 hours to the public. 65 E. Huron (between Rush & Wabash)

Judy Mason: 773-506-6064


St. Charles Episcopal Church, St. Charles (public)

stcharleslab.jpg (17091 bytes)

42 foot in-ground Chartres pattern made of granite cobblestones laid in a bed of sand and finely crushed limestone.

open 24 hours daily

For information call the church at: (630) 584-2596

Located about 1 1/4 miles north of Route 64 (North Ave.) on Route 25.   Labyrinth is behind the church, 994 N. Fifth.


The Quiet Path Labyrinth, Nottingham Park (public)

quietpath.jpg (4567 bytes)

Created by Sister Nancy and Marion Biagi, this 25-foot crushed granite and limestone based Cretan Labyrinth design with small, fist-sized rocks layed atop the granite and limestone, making up the path walls.  The rocks/crystals are from around the world, and have and will continue to come from visitors to the labyrinth. Designed to be walked individually.

Open 24 Hours

Call Sister Nancy or Marion Biagi at (708) 458-5510


Franciscan Sisters Retreat Center-Frankfort (public)
Portiuncula Center For Prayer

frankfortlab.jpg (6244 bytes)

54 foot white limestone screen permanent Chartres design on asphalt.   The rosette is blue limestone screen.  A meditation garden surrounds it.

Open 24 hours

Call Sister Kathleen Ann for directions: (815) 464-3880


St. Gregory's Episcopal Church-Deerfield (public)

stgregorylab1102.jpg (21694 bytes)

84-foot Chartres pattern mowed into the grass with fieldstone walls-open sunrise to sunset.

Church is located at the NE corner of Deerfield & Wilmot Roads.   One mile north of Lake Cook Road, and 2 blocks east of Highway 94/294.  Enter the church parking lot and proceed to the far north end (behind the houses that are to the left).  It is currently roped off, and there is a welcome sign to greet visitors.

For Information, call the church at: 847-945-1678


Central Illinois Natural Health Clinic-Danville (public)

danvillelab.JPG (27484 bytes)

Near the corner of Fairchild St. and Logan Ave., across from Lakeview College of Nursing and Provena United Samaritans Medical Center.

Medieval 11-circuit design, paint on concrete. 22-ft. diameter, open to the public 24 hours.

For more information: Dr. Andrew Peters, (217) 443-4372


Carbondale Labyrinth, Carbondale (public)

carbondalelab.jpg (10260 bytes)

37' labyrinth painted on cement (original adaptation of Chartres style labyrinth)

Hours: The labyrinth is open 24 hours

Located at 913 S. Illinois Avenue just north of the Interfaith Center (corner of S. Illinois and Grand Avenue)

For information call Hugh Muldoon at (618)549-7387


Prairie Labyrinth-Harvard (public)

110 foot Chartres design mowed into the prairie and the address is 20112 Hebron Rd. Harvard, IL 60033.  It is 4 miles north of Harvard going on Rt. 14, then right on Hebron Rd. 1/3 mile to the Labyrinthsign.  Cars can park right on the shoulder of the road.  It's a slowcountry road---then walk right in at the sign.  My day phone is

Call Mary Klein 262-248-1916 Days or  815-943-4765 Eves.  


Chicago Park District Labyrinth-Garfield Park

Garfield Park Conservatory-west side of 300 N. Central Park

Public, seven-circuit, Cretan with crushed gravel path and grass borders.

Eden DeGenova (Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance):

773-638-1766 ext. 20


Cenacle Retreat House & Spirituality Center
Warrenville, IL

cenacle.jpg (3887 bytes)

Seven circuit Cretan outdoor labyrinth, approximately 30' by 30' in size;
Hours of operation: 8 AM to 9 PM, open for public, but please come in to sign in and out. For information please call the ministry office at  (630) 393-1231 or visit our website at www.cenacle.org.

Location/Directions: 29 W 012 Batavia Rd., Warrenville, IL 60555. Between Butterfield Rd. (56) and Rt. 59


Grace United Methodist Church-Joliet

36 foot, painted canvas, Chartres-style labyrinth layed out in the church beginning March 2, 2001 and available every Friday evening thereafter through April 6, 2001 from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.  Call the church for additional dates after April 6.   815-725-7632.


Labyrinth Garden-Emmanuel Lutheran Church-Rockford

rockfordlab.jpg (5095 bytes)

23 foot, Cretan design with inlaid paving stone "walls" and mulch paths.   Open to the public.  911 Second Ave. Call: 815-963-4815 for details.   From State St. in Rockford: turn south onto 6th St. and turn west onto 2nd Ave. and go 1/2 block.  Labyrinth Garden on left behind church.

Godfrey Congregational Church-Godfrey

godreycongreglabsmall.jpg (17612 bytes)

40' grass and stone, Santa Rosa design with bench in the center for resting/reflecting.  Open 24 hours.  There is a cafe and shop.  For information call the church: (618) 466-3640.

Travel north from Alton on US67 toward Jerseyville for 5 miles. Pass Lewis and Clark Community College on left and take next left at Mulberry Street. The labyrinth is located behind Godfrey Congregational Church, 6104 Godfrey Road, opposite Josephine's Tea Rooms. Ample parking and wheel chair accessible.




First Presbyterian Church
777 25th Avenue, East Moline.

FirstPresEMlab.JPG (23769 bytes)


The Labyrinth is an 84-foot Chartres pattern mowed into the grass. Open sunrise to sunset.  Directions: From Avenue of the Cities (formerly 42nd Avenue in East Moline), head north on 7th Street (toward downtown). Turn right on 25th Avenue and go two blocks. The church is on the left; park in the lot next to the church. The Labyrinth is located immediately across 25th Avenue from the parking lot.

Pastor Rebecca Sherwood - (309) 755-1595.


Faith Lutheran Church

http://www.faithelca.com/pwsite 1611 41st Street Moline, Illinois 61265

Phone: (309) 762-2824

Pattern: Modified Chartres (5 circuit)

Type: Outdoor, grass and brick

Size: 20 feet

Hours: Dawn to dusk


Unity Church of Christianity

UnityChurchlab.jpg (14231 bytes)

http://www.unityqc.org/ 5102 47th Avenue Moline, Illinois 61265

(309) 762-1066

Contact: Rev. Dean Van Wie

Web: www.unityqc.org <http://www.unityqc.org/>

Pattern: Classical (7 circuit)

Type: Outdoor, grass

Size: 30 feet

Hours: Dawn to dusk


First Lutheran Church

FirstLutheranRIlab.jpg (18846 bytes)

1600 20th Street

20th Avenue

Rock Island, Illinois 61201

Phone: (309) 788-9661

Contact: Pastor Greg Mayer

Pattern: Classical (7-circuit)

Type: Outdoor, grass

Size: 30 feet

Hours: Dawn to dusk



Quad-City Labyrinth Project

111 E. Third Street, Suite 306

Davenport, Iowa 52801

Phone: (563) 323-1737

Contact: Pat McLaughlin mailto:qcalbyrinth@aol.com

Pattern: Chartres (11 circuit)

Type: Indoor, canvas

Size: 36 feet in diameter

Hours: See Events Calendar http://www.charityadvantage.com/QuadCity_Labyrinth_ProjectAYSDYT/EventsCalendar.asp for list of current dates and times for labyrinth events.


First Congregational United Church of Christ

(2 Labyrinths) http://www.ucc.websites.net/firstcongdewittia.html

520 E. 11th Street

DeWitt, Iowa

(563) 659-3166

Contact: Joyce Erling <mailto:fcuccdewitt@iowatelecom.net>

Pattern: Chartres (11 circuit)

Type: Indoor, canvas

Size: 36 feet

Hours: Call for availability

Pattern: Chartres (11 circuit)

Type: Outdoor, grass


Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat

http://chmiowa.org/prairie_retreat.cfm 2664 257th Street

Wheatland, Iowa

(563) 336-8415

Contact: Sr. Joann Kuebrich, CHM

Web: <http://www.chmiowa.org/prairie_retreat.cfm> www.chmiowa.org/prairie_retreat.cfm <http://www.chmiowa.org/prairie_retreat.cfm>

Pattern: Heart of Chartres

Type: Outdoor, crushed stone

Size: 60 feet

Hours: Call for availability

(Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat is on 257th Street, 1 1/2 miles off County Road Y4E between Wheatland and Big Rock.)


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