Consulting On Your Labyrinth Project

Earth-Wisdom Labyrinth  Inlaid Cretan labyrinth design  Faith Community Church stone labyrinth  Union Church in Lake Bluff labyrinth

Neal Harris of Relax4life offers consulting services in several ways.  Having designed and created a number of public and private outdoor labyrinths, he can help individuals and groups create a walking labyrinth on their premises from start to finish. 

For those interested in creating a walking labyrinth as a group project, we have labyrinth-making manuals that give step-by-step instructions for laying out 3 popular labyrinth designs.  These manuals make the creation process a simple one.  For a group that needs more assistance with their project, we can lead a group on installation day in the step-by-step process of laying out the design of their choice.  This has the advantage of giving the folks who take part in the creation process a sense of community, pride in their accomplishment and a vested interest in the upkeep/maintenance of the labyrinth.

The overall price of a labyrinth project depends upon the size, design and choice of materials.  Call or email him to set up an on-site or phone consultation to discuss your group’s ideas for a labyrinth installation. 

He looks forward to being of service. 

Phone:  (847) 842-1752    Email: