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Labyrinths are a popular topic in
national magazines, newspapers
and television.  They are returning
to the mainstream in a major way,
with walking labyrinths being created
in parks, churches, hospitals, schools etc. 
Throughout the ages, the labyrinth has
been a sacred symbol of many cultures
and religions.  Some are more than 3000
years old!

A labyrinth is a design with a single path
leading to and from its center.   Unlike a
maze (which is designed to trick the mind),
it's purpose is not to confuse or bewilder
as there are no blind alleys or dead ends
within.  Rather, it is an "Intuitive Playground",
where we invite a deeper, more knowing
part of ourselves to come out and play.

Labyrinths function to further those who are
on the path to a more balanced spiritual,
emotional, physical and psychological well-
being.   Many people think the labyrinth is a
metaphor for the "path" we walk in life
(lot's of turns but no dead ends) and believe
the labyrinth experience can bring each
person or group a special experience and
focus.  They are often referred to as "Sacred
Space" in that they are a relaxing
respite away from our daily, busy lives;
an opportunity to slow the mind and
body down in order to communicate
with our unseen helpers. 
Click here for a further discussion of
the function of labyrinths

Relax4Life offers a line of labyrinth
products that will enhance the experience
of introspection and meditation.  Many
of these products are used by us in
classes and counseling sessions at
our center.





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