Enjoy 3 Outdoor Walking Labyrinths

Throughout the year, Relax4Life’s 3 outdoor walking labyrinths and nature-rich, 5 acre grounds in Barrington, IL are available by appointment at no charge.  You can schedule yourself and/or your family members for a 1-hour time slot 7 days/week.  Come and enjoy the labyrinths and pond.

Bathroom facilities are currently not available, so plan accordingly.  If you let us know the number of people in your party ahead of time, we will provide for each one (free of charge) our 44-page, full-color, Labyrinth Information booklet to keep.  For an appointment:




For a historical perspective on their installation, click here


                     Roman Labyrinth
  35′ Brick & Grass Cretan                               60′ Brick & Grass Man in the Maze                   36′ Stone & Mulch


Symbolism Found In Each Design:

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35′ Classical, 7-Circuit Cretan:  This 4000 year old design is the oldest and most widely used pattern in the world. It’s name was derived from an early representation on the Isle of Crete. It ‘s also referred to as the Classical 7-Circuit design and can be used as a template for the seven major energy centers of the physical body known as Chakras. Understanding the quality of each of these energy centers as it relates to a specific path or circuit on the design, assists you to consciously gain insight into and ferret out answers to the complexities of life. The Cretan looks like the cross section of a human brain and has therefore been used effectively to assist those with Dyslexia, ADHD, neurological disorders etc.


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The 60′ Man In The Maze:  This design comes out of the spiritual tradition of the Tohono/O’odham tribe in Southwest Arizona and New Mexico. The figure waiting at the top/entrance to the design, may represent the concept of a child (all of Creation) being birthed by its’ mother (Mother Earth). It may also represent the process of moving inside yourself to get in touch with the creative process and thereby give birth to new ideas. Several non-uniform path widths (wide to narrow from the outermost to the innermost areas) may indicate movement from a heavier, denser, constrictive energetic pattern (our everyday lives), to a lighter, finer, more expansive energetic pattern (the spiritual realm). The design looks somewhat like a dreamcatcher and therefore, may help trap unwanted or negative thoughts and feelings you walked in with. You are then able to leave those thoughts and feelings behind and follow the path back out, feeling more uplifted, lighter and freer in both mind and body.


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36′ Ancient 8-Walled Roman/House of Theseus:  This design is an angular version of the Cretan, revived by labyrinth enthusiasts from the face of ancient Roman coins. It connects with the masculine energies found in both males and females. While the Cretan design takes you on a free-flowing journey throughout its’ pattern, the Roman design has you finish a particular quarter of the design before it takes you into the next quarter (all four quarters are journeyed through in progression before reaching the center.) This is often referred to as linear or straight-line thinking. Interestingly, this is also the way Romans laid out their cities.