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The Reiki that is practiced and taught at Relax4Life is a blending of the following styles; Traditional Usui, Japanese, Tibetan and Karuna®.

The ability to perform Reiki is passed on from teacher to student via a formal initiation and education process.  Many people seek Reiki therapy for relaxation and energy balancing. Because of its universal appeal, Reiki is practiced by individuals from all walks of life and religious beliefs.

Receiving Reiki therapy is like the relaxed feeling your body gets from a massage or soaking in a warm tub, only that with Reiki you remain fully clothed and the practitioner gently lays their hands on or around various areas of your body to help balance your energy.

Whether you want to add Reiki to an existing practice, start a new practice, use it for friends and family or your own emotional, spiritual and physical well being, it is an excellent skill to have.

Relax4life Center offers their Reiki students; opportunities to practice Reiki outside of classes such as Reiki & Energy Share Nights-click here for a schedule, participation in an email healing circle, an online practitioner and teacher referral network-click here, student teaching opportunities, ongoing student support such as offering an auditing option for those who want to re-take a level to gain further practice and understanding and consulting to help individuals start a Reiki practice, teach Reiki, and more. Neal Harris, the director of Relax4Life, teaches the Reiki classes. On occasion, Neal will also teach Reiki to one or two students privately.

For frequently asked questions, click here.

To read Neal’s article on the 5 Reiki Principles and using them for personal growth, click here.

If you have any questions about our Reiki training, feel free to call Neal at 847-842-1752 or email him.

Relax4Life is an official CEU licensed Reiki sponsor for social workers, counselors, massage therapists and occupational therapists.  Click here to view our licenses.

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