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Friday, December 30th:  Your Walk Reveals Your Life   4 pm-6:00 pm  $50   $37.00

This training provides a blueprint of YOU – revealing where you are in life and why, where you’re headed and where you have the potential to be going. In addition, awareness of your body informs y0u of who you are at your very core; underneath all of the layers of patterns and protections. It’s all there, contained in the movement and the energy of your walk.  (2 CEUs available).


Saturday, December 31st:  Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation   5:00 pm-6:30 pm  $40   $30.00

This unique Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation has led some participants to receive relief from pain, resolution to problems or challenges and insights into creative endeavors. Make this time, just prior to the new year, a special time by listening and enjoying the other-worldly sounds produced by various quartz crystal healing bowls.  Leave this experience completely relaxed, uplifted and connected more deeply to you heart.  (1.5 CEUs available).


Relax4life will be closed in January and February for a winter break.
Workshops will pick up again in March.


MARCH 2023:


Saturday, March 4th:  Reiki 1 Training   9 am-5:30 pm   $175   $131.00

Reiki is a popular energy-balancing and healing art where the ability to direct healing energy effectively and responsibly is passed on from teacher to student via a formal initiation and education process.  Includes book and manual.  (7 CEUs available).


Saturday, March 11th:  Intro To Eden Energy Medicine  9 am-4:30 pm   $250   $187.00

Learn these world-famous practices and understandings that are so important for self-care and healing. This simple yet profound class is straightforward and full of easy-to-use techniques that you can do on yourself, friends, family and clients to stay well, feel vibrant, and live a life that nourishes and brings joy.  (6 CEUs available).


Saturday, March 18th:  Integrated Energy Therapy  9:30 am-5:30 pm   $195   $146.00

Learn this gentle and effective spiritual self-care tool that helps you clear the “issues from your tissues” using the angelic energy of compassion. This is an attunement-based energy healing modality and once you receive an angel attunement, you’ll have the ability to transform any “issue in the tissue”, like stress, tension, pain or anxiety into the wisdom of compassion.  (7 CEUs available).


Saturday, March 19th:  Mindfulness, Relaxation & EFT   10 am-4:30 pm   $70   $52.00

Learn simple, fast and very effective relaxation and meditation techniques for rejuvenating and relaxing mind, body and spirit. You’ll learn specific breathing practices, meditation techniques, how to increase your concentration, listening and memory skills, a simple exercise to forgive self and others and more. Presenters book and CD included.

EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a remarkable self-healing technique that uses your body’s natural stress reduction points to produce rapid change. Stimulation of these points by touching or tapping has been scientifically demonstrated to quickly reduce anxiety, sadness, improve your mood, often leading to the reduction of physical symptoms like headaches, muscle stiffness etc.  Also great for boosting your vitality, and dramatically improving your performance at work, school, sports, losing weight, stopping smoking etc.  (6 CEUs available).


Saturday, March 25th:  Reiki 2 Training   9 am-5:30 pm  was   $175   $131.00

Through further attunement/initiation and education, the Reiki 2 Training raises your ability to direct this gentle, yet powerful healing energy. You’ll learn several Reiki symbols to assist hands-on healing as well as several techniques for doing so. (7 CEUs available).


APRIL 2023:


Saturday, April 15th:  Access Consciousness Bars   9 am-5 pm  $350.00

We are not permitted to offer a discounted price for this workshop per the Access Bars corporate policy.

Access Bars is a gentle hands-on modality that was introduced by Gary Douglas in the early 1990s. The Access Bars consist of 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life. During an Access Bars session, a practitioner gently touches these points to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may have limited you. You’ll leave this workshop as an Access Bars practitioner and be able to assist others with better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, better relationships, relief from anxiety, depression, less stress and so much more.  (7 CEUs available).


Saturday, April 22nd:  Intro To Chakras  1 pm-4:30 pm   $60   $45.00

This workshop will explore what Chakras are, how they work, what happens when they’re out of balance, and how to balance them. Discover which of yours need balancing and use a technique to return balance to them. You will also learn how to help a friend or family member return balance to their chakras; a wonderful skill to have.  (3 CEUs available).


Saturday April 22nd:  Developing Your Psychic Abilities  7 pm-10:30 pm  $60   $45.00

Learn techniques for fine tuning your intuitive skills in order to hear, see and interpret what your soul and your spiritual guides are telling you. Developing Your Psychic Abilities will teach you to use automatic writing, telepathy and picture reading to improve your ability to make decisions, sharpen your intuition, and gain guidance and messages from your soul.  (3 CEUs available).


Saturday April 29th:  Renew Your Devotion To Angel Love   1 pm-5:30 pm  $88   $66.00

This workshop will help you reconnect your heart and mind to the love of your angelic guides. Angels are your constant companions on your earth walk and they know how to heal your pain. Receiving your angels’ loving support is a conscious practice that begins by engaging the practice to renew your devotion. Devotion is a sacred promise. The sacred promise is to stay in the flow of your angels’ love, no matter what pain you’re feeling. Through prayer, meditation, energy work and oracle cards, this devotion is renewed and your angelic connection is strengthened. (4 CEUs available).


Sunday, April 30th:  Intro to Quantum-Touch   9:30 am-5:30 pm   $140   $105.00

Quantum-Touch teaches you effective methods for balancing physical, emotional and mental issues.  Learn a variety of specialized breathing and body focusing techniques to effect healing on all levels with often surprising and dramatic results.  (7 CEUs available).


MAY 2023:


Sunday, May 7th:  Talking With Trees   1 pm-5 pm   $50   $37.00

This workshop teaches you a calming and healing way to develop your intuition.  You’ll rediscover and deepen your connection with these wise and grounded beings and you’ll learn to access stillness more easily by aligning your energy with Nature in all forms. (4 CEUs available).


Sunday, May 21st:  Women’s 1-Day Retreat  10 am-4:30 pm  $120   $90.00

Enhance your ability to love more and create abundantly from a Divine space. This means creating from a space of love for yourself & the world. This Retreat will teach you practices and processes for claiming/reclaiming your ability to heal yourself and bring healing to the world. There will be a combination of both outdoor (weather permitting) and indoor activities that both engage the mind and rejuvenate the soul. Great for self care and for sharing these practices with clients. Join in a celebration of womanhood!  (6 CEUs available).


JUNE 2023:


 Saturday June 3rd:  Communicating With Animals   9:30 am-5:30 pm  $150   $112.00

Discover how telepathic communicating with animals is a natural and complete way of information exchange between all living beings. Through the information and practices learned through Communicating With Animals, you’ll be guided to open your intuitive channels, and be able to send and receive messages with animals both in your presence and across distance. 
Through a heart-centered connection with your companion or a client’s animal, you will have a clearer understanding of their needs, behaviors, wishes, humor, wisdom, and purposes in your life.

 (7 CEUs available).




Saturday, October 14th:  Reiki 3/Master-Practitioner Training   9 am-5:30p   $250   $187.00

Reiki 3 training is for those who are enjoying Reiki energy and would like to take their abilities to the next level as a master practitioner. You will learn several advanced Reiki techniques and practices that master Usui taught his students and receive the Master-Practitioner symbol (as well as a number of additional symbols that have been incorporated into the Reiki practice of many) as well as the master attunement/initiation.  Book and manual included.  This training is by invitation only.  See website for qualifying details before registering.  (7 CEUs available).




Saturday, November 4th:  Reiki 4/Teacher Training   9 am-4:30 pm   $250   $187.00

Reiki 4 Teacher training is only for those who’ve taken Reiki 3 at Relax4Life at least 21 days prior and who want to learn the step by step process of teaching all levels of Usui Reiki as taught by Neal Harris. This includes learning to attune/initiate for each class as well as discussing the many components that make up a successful Reiki teacher and class experience.  (6 CEUs available).