Welcome To Our Discounted Finger Labyrinths Inventory Page

From time to time, we have discounted finger labyrinths available that for whatever reason (discoloration, cracks, chips, relative roughness in the finger paths) are not able to be sold for their full cost.  These are labyrinths we make that don’t quite pass our quality control team’s stringent standards for excellence.  These labyrinths are typically discounted significantly, which make them highly desirable to those of our customers who are on a tight budget but still want our quality and workmanship.  Will you provide a good home to any of these?  Please note that any labyrinth purchased from this page is non-returnable.



Finished Maple:

This 12″ maple Cretan finger labyrinth has some roughness in some of the finger path walls mostly in the left upper quadrant:









Regular price:  $100 

Click Here to Purchase this labyrinth for $70


This 18″ maple Chartres finger labyrinth has a barely noticeable, (only on the surface) hairline crack in the right upper quadrant going from the 1st to the 3rd circuit.  It can be felt when finger walking over it…otherwise it’s practically invisible. 


Regular price:  $155 

Click Here to Purchase this labyrinth for $140