Dr. Melissa Mahon is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, with a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology.  She has been practicing psychotherapy for 8 years. She works for Advocate Aurora Healthcare conducting therapy with children and adolescents. She is also the owner of Journey To Present, a multi-faceted practice of Confidence Coaching, Hypnosis, and Energy Work, including Access Consciousness Bars and Usui Reiki.

Dr. Mahon attended graduate school at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and has used her background in Psychology in her coaching practice. She has extensive training in hypnosis, the treatment of trauma and anxiety, and considers herself to be a life-long student. One of the practices that has created the most change and influence in her life has been Access Consciousness Bars. She facilitates practitioner workshops to students wanting to learn this energy modality.

Dr. Mahon has found that through the use of “alternative” modalities, clients resolve their issues much faster and have longer lasting results than with traditional psychotherapy. She explains that so much of what has kept us stuck in our issues is beyond our conscious understanding.  Through the use of energy work and hypnosis, the root cause of these issues is more easily released, providing relief from symptoms and a much higher quality of life.

Dr. Mahon’s mission is to empower others to trust themselves, release limitations and live more joyful lives.  Dr. Mahon can be reached at Melissa@journeytopresent.com.