Exit The Storm: Peaceful Sojourn From The Everyday

(a guided relaxation program)

When the day has dished out its share of problems and missed opportunities, it’s time to rejuvenate with this Exit The Storm relaxation program.  As you listen to soothing, original music by Eugene Kwok, the relaxing voice of Neal Harris guides you through four proven relaxation methods; Abdominal Deep Breathing, The Relaxation Response, Autogenic Training and a Visualization leading you on an excursion into the forest during a light rain.  Each method gives you time to practice with soothing music as background. With practice, the methods contained in the Exit The Storm relaxation program will surely lead to greater peace in difficult situations, and a renewed sense of emotional and physical vitality.   Release the tensions of the day, and truly Exit The Storm.

01 Listener’s Note.wav
02 Breath of Life.wav
03 Personal Peace.wav
04 The Warm Beach.wav
05 Forest Odyssey.wav