Our Fragrance Policy:

List of fragrant products to avoid putting on or having on your clothing or bringing with you on class day:

essential oils
hair spray
fragrant deodorant
fragrant soaps
fragrant shampoos
fragrant conditioners
fragrant hand and body lotions
fragrant dryer sheets
air freshener scent
toilet sprays

Relax4Life Center has had this fragrance policy in place for 23 years.  We instituted the fragrance policy so that everyone who comes to our space can be assured of breathing, healthy, clean air, free of scents and chemicals.  Part of the reason for doing this was to cater to a growing number of people who are allergic or very sensitive to fragrances and/or are physically ill (with immune system issues) and would otherwise not be able to attend a workshop space for fear of having a severe reaction to a chemical or fragrance worn by others.  Even people without fragrance allergies find the change of being able to breathe non-fragrant air while in our space (free of essential oils, perfumes, colognes, hair spray, incense, fragrant soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, dryer sheets etc.), a welcome change from many of the places they have gone to in the past for learning.

Ongoing research has shown that a chemical known as Phthalate can be found in most products that have a fragrance, such as incense, perfume, cologne, makeup, soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, scented dryer sheets etc.  Phthalate has been banned in Europe for being linked to cancer both to the person wearing it as well as to the people who come in contact with the airborne chemical secondhand.  Even so called “healthy” products or products purchased at health food stores can have this chemical hidden in them as currently the FDA does not require manufacturers to disclose Phthalate use on the label; it is simply included under the broad ingredient “fragrance”.

Given this, just as society has become aware of the dangers of second-hand smoke, we feel it is only a matter of time before “fragrance-free” environments within public spaces in the US will become the norm.  Several cities in Canada have banned perfumes/colognes in their public spaces including many public schools.  While natural essential oils/aromatherapy products do not contain Phthalate or other chemicals, their use can be distracting, cause an allergic reaction (mild to severe) to some in the workshop environment (while quickly permeating the space) and so we require people to refrain from their use on class day as well so that all may enjoy what we have to offer in our beautiful and sacred space.