Relax4Life Offers These Free Products & Services
During Covid 19:


1.  (NEW) Virtual Energy Share on June 19th:  Click Here


2. Lending Library (18 New Items Added on April 30th!):  Click Here


3. Download Paper Finger Labyrinths:  Click Here


4. Download Labyrinth Creator’s Manuals:  Click Here


5.  Relaxation Audio Programs:  Click Here


6.  Thought Stopping & Replacing:

When you experience an unproductive thought or set of them passing through your mind, yell out loud (or silently to yourself) the word “stop!” Yell “STOP” like you mean it out loud or in your mind (yelling into a pillow also works great). Once it’s gone, immediately replace it with a desired or productive thought.

For example, when stressful thoughts arise around coronavirus such as “Am I or a loved one going to get sick, lose a job, be able to buy food” and so forth, Yell “STOP” and then immediately replace the thought(s) with the image of something that lights you up inside; such as the memory of a newborn child or grandchild, image of a pet doing something really cute, your favorite vacation spot etc.

Thought Stopping is a strong tool to quiet negative thoughts despite their intensities. It’s negative thoughts like these that lead to feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger and further stress.

By practicing this Thought Stopping & Replacing exercise on a regular basis, the process becomes easier and easier to steer your thoughts more towards the positive.


7.  Relax4Life’s 3 outdoor walking labyrinths are available by appointment.  We’ll be honoring social distancing as we are scheduling folks to come and walk.  To make an appointment, click here to send an email ( with your name, the date and time you’d like to come by and how many folks are planning to join you.