The following published labyrinth articles involve using finger labyrinths to enhance therapeutic outcomes.  They discuss the reasoning behind using finger labyrinths in therapy, how to use them and potential issues.  These labyrinth articles also discuss the effectiveness of using a double finger labyrinth design to balance left-right brain activity (thereby enhancing creativity, adaptive responses, relaxation etc.) as well as promote interpersonal communication in both formal and casual settings such as between couples, friends, therapist-client, relatives etc.

Labyrinths: Catalysts For Therapeutic Growth

By Neal Harris, 2008

Effective, Short-Term Therapy Utilizing Finger Labyrinths To Promote Brain Synchrony

By Neal Harris, 2002

Off The Couch: An Introduction To Labyrinths & Their Therapeutic Properties

By Neal Harris, 1999

Using a 2-handed/2-person Intuipath

By Neal Harris, 1997

Relax4Life’s 4-Year Children’s ADHD National Finger Labyrinth Study

By Neal Harris, 2005


A Brief Historical Perspective of Labyrinths

By Jeff Saward, 1994


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