Our labyrinth kids corner offers a variety of ideas and practices for kids and teens to use labyrinths to benefit them in their daily lives.  Some of these involve using them at home and at school to help with: time outs, concentration, test anxiety, misunderstandings or fights with other kids, completing homework assignments, being angry with siblings or parents, getting teased or bullied, not getting invited to a party, not being picked for a team, sadness over the loss of a pet, family member or friend, feeling embarrassed or ashamed due to wetting the bed, wearing braces or glasses, having a bathroom accident at school or at home, answering a question wrong in class, developing better coordination for sports and so on.

A number of paper finger labyrinth designs are also available for download free of charge.

Labyrinth Kid’s Corner

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Finger Labyrinths can help you:

1.  Relax when you are…

a)  Studying for or worrying about a test
b)  Doing homework
c)  Fighting with a brother or sister
d)  Fighting with other kids and feeling bad about it
e)  Mad at your parents


 2. Feel Better When You Are Sad or Scared Because…

a)  You lost or broke a toy
b)  Someone said something that hurt your feelings
c)  A teacher or another kid made you feel bad
d)  You got a bad grade at school
e)  You said something mean to someone and feel bad about it
f)   Kids tease you
g)  Someone you love (grandparent or pet) is sick or died and went to heaven
h)  You didn’t get invited to a birthday party you wanted to go to
i)  You didn’t get chosen for a sports team or game
j)  You were chosen last for a sports team or gym activity


3.  When Feeling Ashamed Or Embarrassed

a)  Just got a new pair of glasses
b)  Just got braces on your teeth
c)  Had a bathroom accident
d)  Kid’s teasing you in front of other kids
e)  Answering a question wrong when your teacher calls on you in class


4.  Concentrate…

You have to study or finish homework before playing a game or watching TV, but you find it hard to keep your attention on your studies.  Take a break and move a finger from both hands through the Intuipath® (a double finger labyrinth design) for a few minutes. Then go back to studying or doing homework and see how much easier it is to do.  This design  makes both sides of your brain work better together, so concentration becomes easier…try it!


 5.  When Praying For Yourself Or Someone You Love…

Many times, prayer is simply wishing or hoping for something.  This can be something like wishing and hoping that a parent, grandparent or friend who is sick feels better soon, having more friends, getting a cool shirt or pair of pants you want, getting a special toy, getting better grades, and more.


For all of the things listed above, whether you call it prayer, hoping, wishing, or something else, finger labyrinths help you relax and focus your attention on a specific item so you feel better and more relaxed about it.  This can sometimes clear a path and open doors to new opportunities or at a minimum, change your thinking about a situation.  For example:  If you are nervous and scared about a test you have to take, moving your finger or fingers through a single or double labyrinth design beforehand can relax you so that your focus is on answering the questions to the best of your ability rather than worrying about the grade you’ll make.
Another example is if someone at school says something mean to you and you are bothered all day by what was said to you.  Use one finger to follow the inlaid path and think positive, nice thoughts about the person who said the mean thing to you and try to forgive them.


6.  With Coordination…

Do you like playing sports but your body doesn’t seem able to play them as well as some of the other kids you watch?  Try using the Intuipath® double finger labyrinth one to several times a day.  Using both hands together on the Intuipath® makes both sides of your brain work better together, which can help with how coordinated your body is and feels during sports.