Relax4Life’s Lending Library Items Shipped To You Free
During Stay At Home Time

Relax4Life has a lending library several hundred books (many out of print) as well as CDs and DVDs (even a few VHS tapes) on topics from healing, Reiki and other energy therapies, New Age best sellers, spirituality, labyrinths, native wisdom, animal communication and more.  Our goal has been to have these items available for our students to browse and borrow when they come to a workshop here.   Due to Covid 19 and the stay at home order, Relax4Life is offering to ship up to 2 items at no charge to you, so you can enjoy some of these items while sheltered at home.  It’s totally free, no strings attached.  We’re happy to be of service to our students during this difficult time.  See below for specifics:

  • We will mail the library items to you at no charge provided you’ve been to Relax4Life Center for an event in the past and live in either Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan or Ohio.
  • Up to 2 items may be requested at a time.
  • To request your item(s):

a.  Email us with your name, street address and phone along with the title(s) of each item and the category it is listed under.

b.  Once we receive your request, we will notify you by email when we’ll be mailing (usually within 24 hours).  If your choice(s) isn’t/aren’t available we’ll let you know that as well.

  • If you’re planning to come to Relax4Life Center for an event in 2021, simply return your item(s) then.  If not, you can mail the item(s) back to us when you’re finished.  If you’d like to take out additional items during the stay at home order,  you’ll need to return the first item(s) to us by mail or drop off.
  • If you live close by and would prefer to pick up the item(s), we’ll put it/them in a ziploc bag with your name on it and leave the bag outside the front door on the day you plan to pick up.  Once you’re finished with the item(s), you can drop it/them back off in the ziploc bag or you may keep the item(s) and bring it/them back when you come here for an event in 2021.


List Of Library Items By Category:

All items are in book form unless otherwise specified.

For a pdf of this list, Click Here




Aches and Pains-Their Cause and Removal:  Dr. M. Garten  1965


The Healing Codes Turbo Start-Unlocking The Cellular Sequence Of Life: DVD


Bach Flower Essences For The Family:  Bach 1996


The Tapping Solution For Pain Relief:  Nick Ortner  2015


The Tapping Solution-Create Lasting Change:  Jessica Ortner 2018


The Tapping Solution For Weight Loss & Body Confidence:  Jessica Ortner 2014


The Tapping Solution For Manifesting Your Greatest Self:  Nick Ortner  2017


Written Compilation Of Presentations The 11th Annual Tapping World Summit 2019


DVD Collection Of Presentations At The 11th Annual Tapping World Summit 2019


A Least Common Denominator In Antibiotics:  Dr. Albert Wahl  1947


Electronic Medical Digest-Special Edition:  1960


Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs:  Roger Mason  2005


Take Off Your Glasses & See:  Jacob Liberman 1995


How To Live Between Office Visits:  Dr. Bernie Siegel  1993


The Gabriel Method-The Diet-Free Way To Transform Your Body:  Jon Gabriel 2008


Visualization For Weight Loss:  Jon Gabriel 2015


The New Detox Diet:  Dr. Elson Haas 2004


The Immune Power Personality:  Henry Dreher  1985


Colour and Healing:  Gladys Mayer


Energy Medicine:  Donna Eden  1998


The One-Minute Cure-The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases:  Madison Cavanaugh  2008


A Doctor’s Guide To Better Health Through Palmistry:  Dr. Eugene Scheimann  1969


Helping Yourself With Foot Reflexology:  Mildred Carter  1969


Matrix Energetics-The Science & Art Of Transformation:  Dr. Richard Bartlett  2007


Love Yourself Heal Your Life Workbook:  Louise Hay  1990


Radionic Quarterly-An Approach to Health & Harmony-The official journal of the Radionic Association  (4 issues 1978-1979).  All 4 count as 1 item.


The Missing Ingredient For Good Health:  Lee Euler  2007


Can Magnetism Heal?  Linda Cressman  1967


The Healing Codes-Unlocking the Cellular Sequence of Life:  Dr. Alex Loyd  2004


Healing by Auto-Induction-Self Healing While You Rest:  Eric Powell


Theta Healing-Introducing an Extraordinary Energy-Healing Modality:  Vianna Stibal  2010


Advanced Theta Healing-Harnessing the Power of All That Is:  Vianna Stibal  2009


Nature Cure Treatment For Diabetes:  Dr. K. Panda


The Individual and Collective Levels of Consciousness and Their Relationship to Health-Disease:  Dr. Richard Moss 1979


The Complete System of Self-Healing Internal Exercises:  Dr. Stephen Chang  1986


Cure For All Diseases:  Hulda Clark  1995


Mind, Mood, & Emotion-A Book of Therapies:  Lynette Bassman  1998


Stories The Feet Can Tell:  Eunice Stopfel  1938


Magneto-Therapy the Laying on of Hands:  Rev. Hanna Kroeger


Zero Limits-The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and more:  Joe Vitale  2007


New Light on Therapeutic Energies:  Mark Gallert  1966


Live in Wellness Now-A Proactive Guide To Living Well:  Barbara Appelbaum  2013


The Reconnection:  Dr. Eric Pearl  2001


Subtle-Body Healing:  Victor Beasley  1979


New Concepts In Diagnosis And Treatment:  Albert Abrams  1922


Keep Your Hand In-A Synopsis of Reflex and Pressure Technics and A Digest of Conditions of the Nervous System:  Ray Farrand  1957


Molecular Radiations: Thomas Colson  1946


Your Hidden Food Allergies Are Making You Fat:  Dr. Rudy Rivera  1998


An Alternative Approach To Allergies:  Dr. Theron Randolph  1979


The Human Aura:  Walter Kilner  1965


Pendulum and Color-A Healing Theory:  Marcella Arndt






Reiki-Hawayo Takata’s Story:  Helen Haberly  2007


The Practice Of Medical Radiesthesia:  Vernon Wethered  1977


The Pendulum, The Bible and Your Survival:  Hanna Kroeger  1973


The Pendulum Book Of Charts:  Anne Williams


Elementary Radiesthesia and the Use of the Pendulum:  F. A. Archdale  1961


The Elements Of Dowsing:  Henry De France  1959


The Divination of Disease-A Study of Radiesthesia:  H. Tomlinson  1953


The Complete Reiki Handbook:  Walter Lubeck  1999


Reiki-A Torch In Daylight:  Karyn Mitchell  1994


Reiki-Beyond the Usui System:  Karyn Mitchell  1996


The Reiki Factor:  Barbara Ray  1985


The Reiki Sourcebook:  Bronwen and Frans Stiene  2008


Reiki Energy Medicine-Bringing Healing Touch into Home, Hospital and Hospice:  Libby Barnett  1996


A Modern Reiki Method For Healing:  Hiroshi Doi  2014


Reiki-The Legacy of Dr. Usui:  Frank Arjava Petter  1999


Reiki Fire-New Information about the Origins of the Reiki Power:  Frank Arjava Petter  1997


Wilhelm Reich:  A. S. Neill  1958


Reiki-Way of the Heart:  Walter Lubeck  1996


Abundance Through Reiki:  Paula Horan  1995


Japanese Art of Reiki:  Bronwen and Frans Stiene  2005


Reiki For First Aid:  Walter Lubeck  1995


Prisms Of Spiritual Growth And Evolvement:  Elda Du Plessis  2007


Reiki-The Healing Touch:  William Lee Rand  1991


Reiki-The True Story:  Don Beckett  2009


Reiki News Magazine (various editions from 2003-2019).  You will be randomly sent 3 editions which count as 1 item.


An Evidence Based History of Reiki-A selection of articles from the Reiki News Magazine:  2015


The Reiki Handbook:  Larry Arnold  1982


Unconditional Reiki-Free Yourself To Heal:  Laurelle Shanti Gaia  2014


The Reiki Touch:  William Lee Rand  2005


Yogasan:  Dr. Kashinath Panda


Magnified Healing Teaching Manual:  Kathryn Anderson


The Official Reiki Handbook:  Barbara Ray  1982


Healing Touch Level 1:  Janet Mentgen  1996


Reiki for Animals:  William Lee Rand  2016


Reiki Techniques Card Deck:  Bronwen and Frans Stiene





Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain:  Sheila Ostrander  1970


Psychic Healers:  David St. Clair  1974


When-The Scientific Secrets Of Perfect Timing:  Daniel Pink  2018


Choose Wisely:  Gary Boelhower  2013


At Peace In The Light:  Dannion Brinkley  1995


Molecules of Emotion-The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine:  Candace Pert  1997


Joys Way-A Map For The Transformative Journey:  Brugh Joy  1979


Footprints of Gautama the Buddha:  Marie Byles  1957


A Kin Of Ata Are Waiting For You:  Dorothy Bryant  1971


The Four Agreements:  Don Miguel Ruiz  1997


Spontaneous Healing:  Dr. Andrew Weil  1995


The Complete Prophecies Of Nostradamus:  2013


The Guru-By His Disciple:  Manly Palmer Hall  1944


The Door to Satisfaction:  Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche  1994


The Blissful Life:  Robert Powell  1984


Grist For The Mill:  Ram Dass  1976


Is this Your Day?  How Biorhythm Helps You Determine Your Life Cycles:  George Thommen  1964


Restore Joy After Loss:  Joy Lucinda Klein  2015  (Relax4Life Teacher)


From God To You-Absolute Truth:  Elliott Eli Jackson  2010


Courageous Gilbert The Groundhog:  Regina McCarthy  2019


Lucid Living:  Tim Freke  2005


A Guide for the Advanced Soul-A Book of Insight:  Susan Hayward  1986


Lazaris-The Sacred Journey-You and Your Higher Self:  1987


Answering Your Inner Calling:  Lisa Espinosa  2016  (Relax4Life Teacher)


Pocket Stress Manager & Labyrinth Guide:  Neal Harris  2005  (Relax4Life Teacher)


Steal Like An Artist-10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative:  Austin Kleon  2012


The Secret Is In The Rainbow-Aura Interrelationships:  Ruth Berger  1986


The Fundementals of Thought:  L. Ron Hubbard  1973


The Lonely Little Tree-A Story For All Ages:  Sheelagh Mawe  2004


Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff:  Richard Carlson  1997


The Greatest Manifestation Principle In The World:  Carnelian Sage  2007


The Law Of Attraction 101:  Ehryck Gilmore  2006


The Tao of Pooh:  Benjamin Hoff  1946


The Story of the Human Aura:  Dr. George Starr


The Prophet:  Kahlil Gibran  1968


Moments of Enlightenment-Stories From Ancient & Modern Masters:  Robert Ullman  2001


Leveraging the Universe-7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic:  Mike Dooley  2011


Embraced By The Light:  Betty Eadie  1992


Talking to Heaven:  James Van Praagh  1997


Anatomy of the Spirit:  Caroline Myss  1996


Telecult Power-The Amazing New Way to Psychic and Occult Wonders:  Reese Dubin  1970


Bright Light-Spiritual Lessons From A Life In Acting:  Dee Wallace  2011


Here and Hereafter:  Ruth Montgomery  1968


My Master Is Myself-Meetings with H.W.L. Poonja:  Andrew Cohen  1989


New Dimensions in Healing Yourself:  Rev. Hanna Kroeger  1991


Earthing-The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?:   Clinton Ober  2010


A Touch Of Hope-Autobiography of a Laying -On-Of-Hands Healer:  Dean Kraft  1998


The Twelfth Insight-The Hour of Decision:  James Redfield  2011


The Tenth Insight-Holding The Vision-An Experiential Guide:  James Redfield  1996


The Celestine Prophesy-An Adventure:  James Redfield  1993


The Celestine Vision-Living the New Spiritual Awareness:  James Redfield  1997


Arm Swing Qigong:  John Robertson  2017  (Relax4Life Teacher)


Lost In Space:  Michael Dooley  1998


What God Wants:  Neal Donald Walsch  2005


The Flight of the Eagle:  J. Krishnamurti  1971


A Man Of Sorrows:  Dr. Michael Greenberg  2001


Who Moved My Cheese?  Dr. Spencer Johnson  1998


Spontaneous Healing of Belief-Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits:  Gregg Braden  2008


From Deep Space with Love:  Mike Dooley  2017


Journeys Out Of The Body:  Robert Monroe  1973


The Finding of the Third Eye:  Vera Alder  1963





The Unending Mystery-A Journey Through Labyrinths & Mazes:  David McCullough  2004


Labyrinths-Ancient Myths & Modern Uses:  Sig Lonegren  2001


Crop Circles Of Wessex


The Labyrinth-Symbol of Fear, Rebirth and Liberation:  Helmut Jaskolski  1997


The Spiritual Labyrinth:  June Mewhort  1992


Mazes and Labyrinths:  Nigel Pennick  1990


Mazes and Labyrinths-Their History & Development:  W. H. Matthews  1970


The Labyrinth-A Spiritual Journey:  Ellyn Sanna  2012


The Way of the Labyrinth-A Powerful Meditation for Everyday Life:  Helen Post Curry  2000


Walking A Sacred Path:  Lauren Artress  2006


Way of the Winding Path-A Map for the Labyrinth of Life:  Eve Hogan  2003


Labyrinth-Illuminating The Inner Path:  Brian Draper  2010


The British Maze Guide:  Adrian Fisher & Jeff Saward  1991


Constructing The Chartres Labyrinth:  Robert Ferre  2001


Mazes:  Adrian Fisher and Diana Kingham  2000


A Labyrinth Year-Walking the Seasons of the Church:  Richard Kautz  2005


The Goddess in the Labyrinth:  John Kraft  1985


Ancient Labyrinths of the World:  Jeff Saward  2001


Exploring The Labyrinth-A Guide for Healing and Spiritual Growth:  Melissa West  2000


The Prehistoric Temples of Stonehenge & Avebury:  The Pitkin Guide


The Sacred Path Companion-A Guide to Walking the Labyrinth to Heal & Transform:  Lauren Artress  2006


The Spiritual and Healing Aspects of the Classic Seven Path Labyrinth:  Dr. Wayne London  1993


Avebury-Henge Almanac:  1998


The Finger Labyrinth Workbook-Ancient & Modern Labyrinths for Stress, Anxiety & Attention Management:  Ravensdaughter  2015


Mazes and Labyrinths of the World:  Janet Bord  1975


The Art of the Maze:  Adrian Fisher and Georg Gerster  1990


The Mystic Spiral:  Jill Purce  1974


Labyrinths-Ancient Paths of Wisdom and Peace:  Virginia Westbury  2001


The Healing Labyrinth-Finding Your Path to Inner Peace:  Helen Sands  2001


Rediscovering The Gift Of Finger Labyrinths-A Guidebook:  Martha Erickson  2012


Kids On The Path-School Labyrinth Guide:  Marge McCarthy  2007


Das Labyrinth-Mythos und Wirklichkeit (German & English):  2000


How To Make A Masking Tape Labyrinth:  Robert Ferre





The Body Magnetic:  Buryl Payne


Meditation-The Bridge is Flowing but the River is Not:  Rama  1983


Radionics-Interface with the Ether Fields:  David Tansley  1975


The Secrets of Chinese Meditation:  Charles Luk  1964


Energy Vision-The Conscious Use of Energy:  Rinaldo Lampis  2014


The TM Book:  Denise Denniston and Peter McWilliams  1975


The Root of the Lotus-A Message From Heaven:  John Gerard Thacher  1996


When You See A Sacred Cow Milk It For All It’s Worth:  Swami Beyondananda  1993


Driving Your Own Karma-Swami Beyondananda’s Tour Guide to Enlightenment:  1989


Crystal Experience-Manifest an Extraordinary Life:  Jill Weiss and Jeff Michaels  2007


Crystal Energy-A Practical Guide to the Use of Crystal Cards:  Monnica Hackl  1993


The Healing Power of Gemstones in Tantra, Ayurveda, Astrology:  Harish Johari  1988


Feng Shui Essentials-A How-To Guide for Creating the Life You Desire:  Juliette Looye  2009


Natural Stress Relief Technique Manual:


Advanced Dowsing Research:  Walt Woods  1996


Plunge Into Eternity-An Interview with H. L. Poonja (article)


The Genius America Forgot (Nikola Tesla Discover Magazine article)


Rediscover Your Natural Fitness-The PACE Program-Dr. Al Sears





Mutant Message Down Under:  Marlo Morgan  1994


The Medine Wheel-Earth Astrology:  Sun Bear  1980


The Night of the Last Katun-2012 Maya:  Ac Tah  2010


The Calico Shaman-True Tales of Animal Communication:  Carla Person  2005


Animals Make Us Human:  Temple Grandin  2009


Animal Messages Cards-Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides: Susie Green


Animals In Transition:  Temple Grandin  2005


Kindred Spirits:  Allen Schoen  2001


The Ten Grandmothers-Epic of the Kiowas:  Alice Marriott  1945


Circle of Life-Traditional Teachings of Native American Elders:  James Audlin  2005


Plant Spirit Medicine:  Eliot Cowan  1995


I Am Woman By Rite-A Book of Women’s Rituals:  Nancy Brady Cunningham  1995


The Powwow Highway-A Novel:  David Seals  1979


Up The Tree-A Shaman’s Adventure Between The Worlds:  Owl Woman  1998


The Lakota Way-Stories and Lessons for Living:  Joseph Marshall III   2002


The Road To The Sundance-My Journey Into Native Spirituality:  Manny TwoFeathers  1994


Ojibway Heritage:  Basil Johnston  1990


Spiritual Unfoldment 4-The Path To Light:  White Eagle  2003


The Sacred Tree-Reflections on Native American Spirituality:  Judie Bopp et. al.  1985


Sacred Drumming (with CD):  Steven Ash  2001


Earth Signs-How to Connect with the Natural Spirits of the Earth:  Grey Wolf  1998


Path of the White Wolf-An Introduction to the Shaman’s Way:  Robin Youngblood  2007


Other Council Fires Were Here Before Us-A Classic Native American Creation Story:  Jamie Sams  and Twylah Nitsch  1991





The Gentle Way-A Self-Help Guide for those who Believe in Angels:  Tom Moore  2006


Angels On Assignment: Charles Frances Hunter  1979


Essentials Of Occultism:  Dinshah Ghadiali  1954


A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe:  Michael Schneider  1994


Numerology #1 Science:  Mike Kurban  1984


Discovering Your Personality Type: Don Richard Riso  1995


Eat Move Sleep:  Tom Rath  2013


Presence:  Amy Cuddy 2015


High-Hanging Fruit-Build Something Great By Going Where No One Else Will:  Mark Rampolla 2016


Rising Strong-How The Ability To Reset Transforms The Way We Live, Love, Parent & Lead:  Brene Brown 2017


Are You Fully Charged?:  Tom Rath 2015


Life Scale-How To Live A More Creative, Productive & Happy Life:  Brian Solis 2019


The Last Safe Investment:  Bryan Franklin & Michael Ellsberg 2016


The Aftershock Investor-A Crash Course In Staying Afloat In A Sinking Economy:  David Wiedemer 2012


The Initiation of the World:  Vera Stanley Alder  1957


The Mind Is Mightier Than The Sword:  Lama Surya Das  2009


Soul Choices:  Kathryn Andries  2014


The Mirror Theory:  Betsy Otter Thompson  2005


Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind:  Shunryu Suzuki  2001


Wake Up and Roar-Satsang with H.W.L. Poonja:  1992


Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism:  Chogyam Trungpa  1973


Brain Wave Vibration-Getting Back into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life:  Ilchi Lee  2008


Your Word Is Your Wand:  Florence Scovel Shinn  1928


The Prediction Of The Future:  Pierre-Emile Cornillier  1947


Pleasant Voyage Discovering the Invisible World:  Rinaldo Lampis  2014


The Complete Book of Biorhythm Life Cycles:  Dr. Robert Smith  1976


The Management of Evolutionary Change:  Bill Harris  2003


The Tarot Revealed:  Eden Gray  1960


Spirit Healing:  Charles Burgess


Sons Of God:  Christine Mercie  1954


Colour and the Human Soul:  Gladys Mayer  1961


Colour Breathing-The Breath of Transmutation:  Ivah Bergh Whitten


What Colour Means To You:  Ivah Bergh Whitten  1957


The Science of Psychic Healing:  Yogi Ramacharaka  1937


Colour Meditations:  S.G.J. Ouseley  1949


Crest-Jewel Of Discrimination:  Shankara  1947


Breathe Into Life:  Bija Bennett  1993


Learn Yoga in a Weekend:  1993


My Method:  Emile Coue  1923


The Anatomy of Biomagnetism:  Albert Davis


The Secret of Quantum Living:  Frank Kinslow  2010


Light Years-An Investigation into the Extraterrestrial Experiences of Eduard Meier:  Gary Kinder  1987


Tarot Cards For Fun and Fortune Telling:  S. R. Kaplan  1970


The One Command-Six Steps to Attract Wealth with the Power of Your Mind:  Asara Lovejoy  2007


Is This Your Day?  How Biorhythm Helps you Determine your Life Cycles:  George Thommen


Cacophony-A Collection of Poems:  Elliott Eli Jackson  2006


The Sub-Conscious Made Conscious:  L. E. Eeman


Jewels On The Path-Teachings of the Ascended Masters:  Eric Klein  1998


Chakras-Rays and Radionics:  David Tansley  1984


Psychometric Analysis:  Max Freedom Long  1959


Understanding Your Dreams:  Dan Condron  1994


Dreams-Language of the Soul:  Jerry Rothermel  1989


Visualization-Directing the Movies of your Mind:  Adelaide Bry  1979


Handbook of Psi Discoveries:  Sheila Ostrander  1974




Miracles of Natural Healing (VHS):  Master Luke Chan


The Reiki Touch (DVD):  William Lee Rand


Lazaris-The Sacred Journey-You and Your Higher Self Meditations (2 cassettes)


Out On A Limb (VHS):  Shirley MacLaine  1986


The Real Dirt on Farmer John-It ain’t easy being green (DVD)

Dr. Michael Ryce DVD Series (choose from the following titles-each counts as 1 item):

Why Is This Happening To Me Again?!

The Circle of Life and How to Play It

Getting The Stress You Need

On Creating Consciously

Laws Of Living

Mind-Body Bio-Energetics

Empowered To Heal

Introduction and Advanced Understanding of A Course in Miracles

A New Beginning-A Lesson from A Course in Miracles

Healing Through Relationships

Purpose, Personal Power & Commitment

Sound Health Sound Wealth-Bridging Science & Spirit (CD Series):  Luanne Oakes


Crystal Bowl-Yellow-Solar Plexus Chakra (CD):  Diamond  (Relax4Life Instructor)


Crystal Bowl-Green-Heart Chakra (CD):  Diamond  (Relax4Life Instructor)


Crystal Bowl-Sky Blue-Throat Chakra (CD):  Diamond  (Relax4Life Instructor)


Crystal Bowl-Violet-Crown Chakra (CD):  Diamond  (Relax4Life Instructor)


You Can Heal Your Life (DVD):  Louise Hay


The Living Matrix-A film on the New Science of Healing (DVD)


Conversations With God (DVD)


Spring Forest Qigong For Health Level 1 (DVD):  Chunyi Lin


Spring Forest Qigong For Health Level 2 (DVD):  Chunyi Lin


A Whole New Mind (DVD):  Daniel Pink


The Automatic Income System (CDs):  Kevin Thompson


How To Get Funding For Your Business (CD):  Kevin Thompson