Experience Pickleball coaching from a skilled player and instructor, on a private surface in Barrington, IL.  For the past 6 years, Pickleball has been the fastest growing sport in the US.  From children to seniors, it’s a sport that’s fun, social and as competitive as you want to make it.  Lots of folks have transitioned to playing Pickleball from tennis, badminton, racquetball, handball, ping pong etc.  However, learning to be an effective Pickleball player doesn’t require you to have played any racquet sports before.  In fact, there’s less to “unlearn” if you don’t have prior racquet sports experience.

Our specially-designed, flexible court surface is especially friendly to older players who may not move as quickly or bend as easily as they did when they were in their 40s.  However, regardless of age, players can always learn more and improve their game.

That’s where Pickleball coaching comes in.  If you’re new to Pickleball, Coach Neal will teach you the fundamentals of Pickleball including basic shots, rules and strategies.  For more experienced players, Coach Neal will teach you more advanced shots and strategies to help raise your game to the next competitive level or simply help your game become more consistent to where you can trust that where you intend to hit the ball, it travels there more often than not.  This leads to greater overall pleasure and satisfaction with your Pickleball play.

Find out if Pickleball coaching is right for you.  Set up an introductory hour-long coaching session for $35 (regularly $75) by emailing or calling Coach Neal:



A single, hour-long coaching session is $75 or choose from one of the following packages:

3 sessions—$165 (save $60…$55 per session):

5 sessions—$250 (save $125…$50 per session)

7 sessions—$315 (save $210…$45 per session)