Coach Neal offers pickleball coaching for those brand new to the sport and those of all levels looking to improve their game.  Outdoor lessons/coaching is offered May 1st through October 31st at the pickleball court at Coach Neal’s home in Barrington.  Coaching sessions are 60-minutes long.  Sign up for 1 session or save money by signing up for a package of sessions: See packages below.

(NOTE:  Once you’ve purchased a coaching session or package of sessions, coach Neal will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule the days/times for coaching that works best for your schedule.)


One 60-minute session–$75   Click Here to purchase 1 coaching session.

Three 60-minute sessions–$180 (save $45…$60 per session)Click Here to purchase 3 coaching sessions.

(NOTE: Coaching sessions above can be for 1 person or 2 people if you’d like to be coached with a friend or family member.)

For groups of 3-4 people:   One:  60-minute coaching session is $100.  Click Here to purchase 1 or more coaching sessions for 3-4 people




members of army reserve taught to play pickleball

teaching pickleball to soldiers


Click Here for a short video of Neal’s coaching

Some Recent Student Comments:

The 4-week Thursday night 7-8 PM pickleball class ended last night, and I just wanted to thank you for having Neal as the instructor.  He is an excellent teacher, very patient with the students, and set up the class for a mix of really helpful drills as well as games. I’m so glad BPD hired him to teach this class.”

“Thank you for being a great pickleball coach.  My friends that I typically play with (and some others that I occasionally play with) mentioned that my game has improved dramatically in the past 5 weeks since I started lessons with you.”

“I was referred to you for pickleball lessons and coaching by several people at the Palatine Picklers group.  They all said that you are one of the best coaches and teachers in the northwest suburbs and now I can say I totally agree!”

“I’m a beginner pickleball player with no experience in tennis or other racquet sports. Friends had started playing pickleball and loved the game.  Watching them play, I found the game’s multitude and unique rules a bit confusing and decided it would be wise to take some lessons. Neal was the referral I received.  In the 3 lessons we had, I found his calm, focused ability to translate the game to me to be extremely helpful. His focus on rule basics and working toward hitting the ball where you want it rather than reacting was what made the game click for me.  I feel I have a good foundation to work with and am now really enjoying the game.  My plan is to get lots of game experience under my belt then return for lessons to take me to the next level.” 


Lots of new people have recently gotten hooked on Pickleball.  Are you one of them?  Are you confident with your Pickleball skills or could you use a little coaching to tune up your skills to a level that brings you greater happiness and satisfaction?  If you’re new to Pickleball, consider learning the basics from an experienced teacher and player.  Either way, Pickleball coaching is right for you.

For the past 8 years, Pickleball has been the fastest growing sport in the US.  From children to seniors, it’s a sport that’s fun, social and as competitive as you want to make it.  Lots of folks have transitioned to playing Pickleball from Tennis, Badminton, Racquetball, Handball, Ping Pong etc.  However, learning to be an effective Pickleball player doesn’t require you to have played any racquet sports before but prior sports experience can be helpful as it relates to body control and overall balance.  Regardless of age and mobility, players can always learn more and improve their game.

That’s where Pickleball coaching comes in.  If you’re new to Pickleball, Coach Neal will teach you the fundamentals of Pickleball including basic shots, rules and strategies.  For more experienced players, Coach Neal will teach you more advanced shots and strategies to help raise your game to the next competitive level or simply help your game become more consistent to where you can trust that where you intend to hit the ball, it travels there more often than not.  This leads to greater overall pleasure and satisfaction with your Pickleball play.

Find out if Pickleball coaching is right for you.  Sign up for your first coaching session or a package above.