August Group Meditation

August Group Meditation


Become an observer of your thoughts and learn to identify your limiting beliefs and non-productive habitual thought patterns.


Through the gift of this August group meditation we can become an observer of our thoughts and learn to identify our limiting beliefs and non-productive habitual thought patterns.  After we have cleared our internal spaces of these old patterns, we can then fill them up with new edifying patterns that lead us to becoming the best version of ourselves we can be, living a life of greater Peace, Joy and Love through this meditation experience.

Many of us have been programed to think and act in particular ways by family, teachers, bosses, friends and society in general. We react to our various life circumstances with these learned programs and standards. If we take this premise as true, we judge ourselves and others as not living up to these standards and therefore create pain for ourselves and others through our thoughts and actions.  We also repeat thoughts and behaviors that are not productive for us and that lead to a less than optimally satisfying life.  When we do this, we are not experiencing our true, authentic Self but rather a projection of what we’ve been taught.  These projections can keep us stuck, damage relationships, hurt our careers, finances and health.  What would it be like to recognize that we don’t have to give our power away to the thoughts we think daily by acting on them?

Our guided August group meditation will take you to new heights of peacefulness and quiet reflection.  Enjoy meditating with others interested in reflecting on what’s working and what’s not in their lives as well.  Meditating in a group is usually far easier to do than doing so alone.  That’s why seasoned meditators and new meditators alike will enjoy the single-minded energy of our September group meditation.  You have to feel it to experience it.