6" plastic Chartres & 4" plastic Cretan miniPath® combo


6″ plastic Chartres & 4″ plastic Cretan miniPath® combo



This Chartres-Cretan mini combo set, are labyrinth patterns that are inlaid into highly durable, food grade plastic.

A miniPath® functions in much the same way as a finger labyrinth, (to further relaxation, meditation & prayer) except you use a stylus rather than a finger to move through the design (the paths are too narrow for a finger to use). They are designed to fit in a pocket, purse, briefcase or sit on a desktop. Whether at home, work, school, in a car, train or airplane, the Chartres-Cretan mini combo is ready to use anytime for greater relaxation, personal focus and guidance. Included with each design in the Chartres-Cretan mini combo is a stylus, velour carrying pouch (which doubles as a non-sliding surface on which to rest the miniPath®), information card about the design and directions for use.

More About These Designs


This 6″ Chartres miniPath design, inlaid into cutting board plastic, is a miniature replica of our 18″ Chartres finger labyrinth design.

During the 13th century, this design was inlaid into the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France. It was adopted by the church during the Middle Ages as a substitute for the physical pilgrimage early Christians made to Jerusalem. The 11 circuits & center may represent the 12 apostles. There are 113 teeth known as “lunations” which adorn the outside of the pattern and many believe the ancients used these lunations as a sundial in order to determine the lunar feast of Easter. The center area (rosette) is a six-petaled rose that some believe represents the Virgin Mary or cosmologically, the six kingdoms of existence; mineral, plant, animal, human, angelic, divine. It is thought that by spending time in a petal representing a kingdom that embodies a quality that you are trying to emulate (i.e. the mineral and plant kingdoms teach us patience), you will come to better understand that quality. This labyrinth frequently takes you close to the center and then back towards the outside of the design. This pattern can represent coming close to and moving away from your personal, transformative center, a place of intense knowing and change.


This 4″ Cretan miniPath design, inlaid into cutting board plastic, is a miniature replica of our 12″ Cretan finger labyrinth design.

This 4000 year old design is the oldest and most widely used pattern in the world. It’s name was derived from an early representation on the Isle of Crete. It is also referred to as the Classical 7-Circuit design and can be used as a template for the seven major energy centers of the physical body known as Chakras. Understanding the quality of each of these energy centers as it relates to a specific path or circuit on the design, assists you to consciously gain insight into and ferret out answers to the complexities of life. The Cretan looks like the cross section of a human brain and has therefore been used effectively to assist those with Dyslexia, ADHD, neurological disorders etc.