Roman Labyrinth Creator's Manual

Roman Labyrinth Creator’s Manual



The Roman labyrinth Creator’s manual is an 11-page, step-by-step guide, with color diagrams, for designing various sizes of the ancient 8-walled Roman labyrinth pattern (also known as the House of Theseus design).  Using the Roman Labyrinth Creator’s manual to lay out this design on the earth is a fun and wonderful community-building process embraced by various religious and secular organizations.  Engaging group members in the laying out of the design themselves (rather than paying for it to be constructed by professionals) often encourages them to take a joyful responsibility and stewardship for maintaining the labyrinth once its been constructed.

This design is an angular version of the Cretan, revived by labyrinth enthusiasts from the face of ancient Roman coins. It connects with the masculine energies found in both males and females. While the Cretan design takes you on a free-flowing journey throughout its’ pattern,the Roman design has you finish a particular quarter of the design before it takes you into the next quarter (all four quarters are journeyed through in progression before reaching the center.) This is often referred to as linear or straight-line thinking. Interestingly, this is also the way Romans laid out their cities.  With the combination of rounded features both inside and outside the design, as well as straight lines within it, the Roman design seems to strike a healthy balance between the feminine and masculine aspects found within each person.  The Roman Labyrinth Creator’s manual guides you through the process of laying out and building this ancient design and makes this process as simple as possible.