Simple Chartres Creator's Manual (Download Only)

Simple Chartres Creator’s Manual (Download Only)



The Simple Chartres Creator’s Manual is a 19 page, step-by-step instruction manual with color diagrams, for designing various sizes of outdoor, Simple Chartres labyrinth designs (also known as the Dromenon pattern). This pattern lacks the religious symbolism found in the full Chartres Cathedral design (such as the rosette in the center and the lunations) so it’s a popular choice for labyrinth makers looking for a secular labyrinth pattern that still has the long path and similar look and feel of the Chartres Cathedral design.

The Simple Chartres manual lets you design and construct a labyrinth pattern that predates the Chartres pattern and may have been developed by the Druids who used it in various healing and spiritual growth ceremonies. With its freedom from both the design complexities and religious symbolism, it’s a popular choice for memorial gardens, public parks, churches, hospitals, schools and prisons.  For example, many are constructed in prayer gardens to add greater peace and significance for those who choose to walk them, giving those folks a true respite from the everyday while they hold a loved one in mind and heart.

Some of the secular symbolism represented in this design include; the double headed axe of the ancient Amazon women, representing Karma (as you cut, so shall you be cut), the circular center representing an altar for receiving esoteric gifts from a Divine source, the path to and from the center representing in miniature the path we walk in life…many twists and turns, but no dead ends.

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