Ten-12" Tan Plastic Cretan Finger Labyrinths


Ten-12″ Tan Plastic Cretan Finger Labyrinths




Superior, highly sanitizable plastic, designed to last a lifetime, the tan plastic Cretan labyrinth is one of the oldest (4000 years or more), simplest and most widely used labyrinth pattern in the world.  It’s name was derived from an early representation on the Isle of Crete. The tan plastic Cretan labyrinth design is also referred to as the Classical 7-Circuit design and can be used as a template for the seven major energy centers of the physical body known as Chakras. Understanding the quality of each of these energy centers as it relates to a specific path or circuit on the design, assists you to consciously gain insight into and ferret out answers to the complexities of life. The tan plastic Cretan labyrinth pattern looks like the cross section of a human brain and has therefore been used effectively to assist those with Dyslexia, ADHD, neurological disorders etc. Being 12″ round, and weighing about 1 lb., these labyrinths fit into briefcases, suitcases and are the perfect take along. They are also a tool for those who may lack strength and mobility such as small children and nursing home residents. Each has a wide finger path and a notch for hanging on the back.

More About This Finger Labyrinth

This tan plastic Cretan labyrinth or lap labyrinth functions in much the same way as a full-size walking labyrinth, (to further relaxation, meditation and prayer) except that the user traces the path to the center using their finger rather than their feet. For many, this combination of movement (tracing the path) with introspection (eyes closed), is a more relaxing way to meditate or pray. For those whose meditation or devotional practice seems demanding or sporadic, finger labyrinths provide a unique way to bring renewed vitality and meaning to these activities. Since 1997, we have been making this finger labyrinth design with wide, adult-sized finger paths.  Ideal for environments where light to heavy cleaning between uses is needed such as a hospital, nursing home, church, elementary school etc.  Also a very good choice for outdoor use as, for example, signage for a walking labyrinth or as an alternative to those who physically are unable to walk through a labyrinth.