2021 Reiki Auditing

Through our Reiki auditing program, you may sign up to re-take and gain a deeper understanding of any of the upcoming Reiki classes below provided you’ve previously taken that level of Reiki at Relax4Life and space in the training is available. The tuition for Reiki auditing does not include a manual or other class materials since you would’ve already received them with your original class materials.  You’re welcome to purchase a new manual at the class you’re auditing.

Connect with like-minded individuals and gain a more thorough understanding of the skills taught at a particular level of Reiki.  You have your choice of being re-initiated/re-attuned energetically to that level or simply sit out and watch the initiation-attunement process as it unfolds.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions, fill in knowledge gaps and potentially get yourself more ready for the advanced classes.  If you’ve already taken advanced Reiki training at Relax4Life, then use Reiki auditing to obtain greater knowledge and skill in preparation to teach your own Reiki classes.  Auditing spots are available on a limited basis for each training.


Reiki 2: Saturday, October 2nd 2021
9a-5:30p  $45  $25  (7 CEUs available)
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