Expectations For Becoming A Reiki Master-Practitioner Or Teacher

What follows are the explanation and guidelines currently followed by Neal Harris, Relax4Life’s long-time Reiki instructor. These expectations are not universal among Reiki teachers. However, he believes that by following these guidelines and expectations, that his students truly earn the right to hold the title of Reiki Master-Practitioner or Teacher.

After taking Reiki 2, he expects his students to put in at least 6 months of diligent practice in order to be invited into his one-day, Reiki 3 (Master-Practitioner) training or his one-day, Reiki 4 (Teacher) training.

Diligent practice involves some or all of the following:

  1. Practice Self-Reiki Daily
  2. Practice Reiki on any of the following:
    1. Family Members
    2. Friends
    3. Clients
    4. Co-Workers
    5. Animals
    6. Plants
    7. Inanimate Objects
  3. Memorize and confidently use all of the Reiki treatment symbols learned in the Reiki 2 training
  4. Memorize and use regularly the distance healing symbol
  5. Practice Distance Healing regularly
  6. Attend Reiki Share experiences
  7. Demonstrate to the instructor that you have a good, basic understanding of the principles and practice of Reiki. This is somewhat of an intangible quality and so is subjective.

If you feel you are ready or might be ready, please call Neal at (847) 842-1752 to discuss your practice