Relax4Life Walking Labyrinth History

Relax4Life walking labyrinths-Cretan
35′ Grass & Brick Cretan Design

Relax4Life walking labyrinths-Man in the Maze with snow
60′ Grass & Brick Man In The Maze Design

Roman Labyrinth
36′ Stone & Mulch Ancient 8-Walled Roman Design

Relax4Life walking labyrinth history began in 1998 with the installation of the 35′ brick and grass Cretan design, Relax4Life became the place for folks who were looking to experience a labyrinth that wasn’t (by that time) the common and popular Chartres design.  A year or so after the Cretan was created on the property, we added a totally unique turf labyrinth design we called the 30′ Native Brain which came out of some musings about creating a labyrinth design that would blend with the energies of our public sweat lodge ceremonies going on at the time.  Eventually, this design morphed into the 60′ brick and grass Man in the Maze design.  The Native Brain design no longer exists, but below is a picture of it, where the entrance is at the bottom of the image.

Relax4Life walking labyrinths-Native Brain design
Native Brain design

In 2002, we had a class where students could learn about labyrinths and experience the designs in the morning and take part in the process of making a permanent outdoor walking labyrinth in the afternoon.  See pictures below as a group is led in making the 36′ Ancient 8-Walled Roman design:

Relax4Life walking labyrinths-planning the Roman design   Relax4Life walking labyrinths-adding mulch to the Roman

          discussion and planning                    laying down landscape cloth, rocks and mulch…

Relax4Life walking labyrinths-people walking the Roman for design accuracy   Relax4Life walking labyrinths-finished Roman labyrinth
making sure the pattern was walkably correct          the finished 8-Walled Roman
Relax4Life walking labyrinths-girl meditating in the center of the Roman
a girl meditating in the center of the labyrinth

Our three permanent labyrinths are open during daytime hours and by appointment.  To schedule a time, email us at:

Or call:  847-842-1752