Neal Harris
Mindfulness/Relaxation Coaching

(by Neal Harris, M.A., LCPC)

Available via Skype or by phone

Relaxation coaching by Neal Harris, the instructor for the class: Mindfulness, Relaxation & Meditation,
and author of the book: Pocket Stress Manager & Labyrinth Guide, offers individual coaching sessions to learn and practice simple, fast and very effective mindfulness, relaxation & meditation practices along with personal growth techniques.

Simple & Effective Coaching To Reduce
Marital/Relationship Issues

Simple & Effective Coaching To Enhance:
Listening Skills
Control Over Life-Challenging Illnesses
Inner Peace
Spiritual Evolution
and more…

Neal Harris, the director of Relax4Life, provides effective, short-term and intuition-driven coaching to individuals from young adults through seniors, in a relaxing, nature-rich setting or over the phone.  The goal is to assist you over the “rough spots” in your life, while providing you with the practical skills to understand and transform these perceived difficulties into healthier ways of functioning.  This fosters new and often exciting perceptions, attitudes and behaviors, leading to a greater connection between your mind, body and spirit.  The results: better health and making more adaptive, creative choices in your world.

This often requires active participation both within and between coaching sessions, with home assignments given out as needed.

In time, life becomes a journey that you look forward to, and you find that your initial difficulties are no longer as troubling to you. Below is what a recent client wrote:

“Hi Neal, I just wanted to Thank You in helping me realize that I am stronger than I thought. I can’t believe the radical shift in such a short time frame. Kind Regards, FD”

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