Finger Labyrinths

Suggestions For Using Finger Labyrinths

  1. Pause at the entrance and choose to enter the finger labyrinth; breathe smoothly. As you make your way to the center, you may opt for one of the following activities:
    • Allow your mind to quiet
    • Pray for yourself or someone else
    • Keep a question in mind, and make the question feel “real” by tying your emotions into it
  2. Within the center, release from your mind and heart any prayer, concern or question (that you posed on the inward journey), and give it to your Deity of choice to handle.
  3. When you are ready to leave the center or feel “complete” with the experience, retrace the path from the center back out.
  4. Upon leaving the labyrinth, be thankful and grateful for the opportunity to bring this divine strength and wisdom back into your daily life to enrich, enliven and strengthen you.

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