Teach Your Workshop At Relax4Life

At Relax4life, we are always looking for teachers who offer workshops in personal growth, alternative healing methods and spiritual development arenas. We are a fragrance and smoke-free environment located on 5 beautiful wooded acres in Barrington Illinois. Click here for a description of what makes Relax4Life Center a unique and sacred space to teach your workshop. Relax4Life Center is also available to rent, so if you would prefer finding out about renting our space for your workshop or event, please click here.

If you’re interested in teaching at Relax4life and have never been here, we strongly recommend attending a free event or a paid workshop so you’re familiar with the unique experience our students receive from coming here.  Below is the information we’ll need to proceed with your application:

1) All of your contact information so it’s easy to reach you: (name, phone, email and street address).
2) A clear description of the workshop(s) you are proposing including the number of hours and suggested tuition(s).  Describe what skills, techniques, understandings, benefits etc. your students will expect to walk away with from each workshop you propose.
3) A brochure or flyer about the proposed class (if available).
4) Years of teaching experience with this class/workshop.

5) Where you have taught this class/workshop before and a summary of how many are typically in attendance.
6) Your resume.

The above information is to be sent via email to:

or via snail mail to:
Attn: Proposal
26402 N. Edgemond Lane
Barrington, IL 60010

We’ll be happy to review your information and if interested, we will contact you to discuss the proposal or you are welcome to follow up with us.  Please give us 3-4 weeks to review your proposal before following up.
Note:  If your workshop involves the use of essential oils or if a proposal via snail mail arrives fragrant, it will be automatically discarded as we are a fragrance-free space.