Why Teach At Relax4Life?

Relax4life was founded in 1998 and is located in Barrington, Illinois on 5 acres of wooded grounds including a pond, meditation gazebo, a waterfall, 3 permanent walking labyrinths and wonderful sacred energy.   The property was purchased with the specific intention of creating a beautiful space for learning, personal growth, and healing.  Through dedication and focus over the past 20+ years, we have built Relax4life into a space that provides great energy in a tranquil, nature-rich, fragrance, chemical and smoke free environment for optimal learning and meeting folks of like mind.

The 1000 square foot carpeted seminar room overlooks the property and offers an ideal space for workshops that range between 10 and 25 participants.  We receive most of our electricity via rooftop solar panels, have cotton hand towels (rather than throw away paper towels) in the bathrooms and ceramic mugs (rather than disposable cups) for water, tea and hot chocolate. In these ways, we strive to do our best to blend in with the natural environment by creating as little waste in resources as possible.

Over the years, our half day, one day and two day workshops (for both the general public and CEU-seeking professionals) have included; Feng Shui, Handwriting Analysis, Iridology, Astrology, Palmistry, Finding Your Life’s Purpose, Journaling, Tuina, Native American Ceremonies, Using a Pendulum, Changing Your Life’s Story, Developing Inner Wisdom and Louise Hay’s Love Yourself, Heal Your Life.  Currently, we offer the following workshops; Usui Reiki (all levels), Exploring Labyrinths, Evolving Your Career, Crystal Layout, Quantum-Touch, Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi, Chinese Health Balls, Relaxation & Meditation, Communicating with Animals (both beginning and advanced), Developing Your Psychic Abilities (both beginning and advanced) Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation and a variety of other workshops that engage the mind while enriching the soul.

Relax4life offers a unique CEU experience for many health professionals such as social workers, counselors, nurses, occupational therapists and massage therapists. Our serene setting combined with our highly experiential workshops, fosters new thinking while adding to professional and personal skills.  Through regular advertising and marketing to these professionals as well as the general public, Relax4life has taught over 30,000 students and maintains an active email database of over 2,500 individuals who receive our workshop schedule monthly.

Relax4life takes all registrations and accepts all major credit/debit cards as well as checks and cash.  The majority of registrations are done via relax4life.com or over the phone and all students must be registered and paid in full at least 24 hours prior to a class.  There are no walk-ins allowed at Relax4life.  This guarantees that our teachers’ know exactly how many students they can expect on class day.

Relax4life’s staff has discovered and fine-tuned a formula for success that ensures close to 90% of our workshops get enough students to occur.  This provides both a great opportunity for teaching your workshop at Relax4life, leading to happy, satisfied students which in turn, creates significant word-of-mouth that builds attendance for subsequent times you teach your workshop here. We look forward to reviewing your application. Click here to see the Teacher Application page.