Access Consciousness Bars-Saturday, January 15th 2022

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Saturday, January 15, 2022 - 9:00 am


Saturday, January 15, 2022 - 5:00 pm


Access Bars Chicago Northwest Suburbs - 26402 N. Edgemond Lane Barrington, IL 60010   View map

Access Bars is a gentle hands-on modality that was introduced by Gary Douglas in the early 1990s.  The Access Bars consist of 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life. During an Access Bars session, a practitioner gently touches these points to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may have limited you in that or those life areas.  You’ll leave this workshop as an Access Bars practitioner and be able to assist yourself and others with better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, better relationships, relief from anxiety, depression, less stress and so much more.  Limited to 8 students to maintain safety and social distancing.

Today Access Bars is practiced in over 170 countries world-wide, used as a potent and pragmatic tool by families, schools, businesses, athletes, prison wards, psychologists, artists and many more.

Using a comprehensive manual and in-depth head charts, you’ll be guided as to where to find and how to use the Access Bars points. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be considered an Access Bars Practitioner.  In addition to learning Access Bars, the manual is full of life-changing tools, questions, and processes from Access Consciousness.  Participants are invited to stay open to changing what they believe is possible!

Workshop Specifics

  • Class begins promptly at 9:00a.  Be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early to settle in.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • The center is kept fragrance free to protect the health of all who attend.  Click Here if you need more information about our fragrance policy.  Fragrance-free hand sanitizer will be provided.
  • Bring a sack lunch.  A refrigerator and microwave are available for your use.
  • Your professional license number (if you’re earning CEUs).  You’ll sign in with your name and license number and receive your certificate at the end of class.

Address:  26402 N. Edgemond Lane, Barrington, IL 60010
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Phone:  847-842-1752


What's Included

  • Instruction by a licensed Access Bars Facilitator
  • Giving and receiving two full Access Bars sessions
  • Comprehensive manual and in-depth head charts

Licensed Professionals who can earn CEUs for this training

The following licenses (in alphabetical order) can earn 7 CEUs:

  • • Acupuncturists
    • Athletic Trainers
    • Counselors
    • Dentists/Dental Hygienists
    • Dieticians/Nutritionists
    • Marriage and Family Counselors
    • Nurses, Nursing Home Administrators
    • Occupational Therapists/OTAs
    • Physical Therapists/PTAs
    • Psychologists
    • Respiratory Therapists
    • Social Workers

About the Instructor & Student Comments


Dr. Melissa Mahon is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, with a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology.  She has been practicing psychotherapy for 8 years. She works for Advocate Aurora Healthcare conducting therapy with children and adolescents. She is also the owner of Journey To Present, a multi-faceted practice of Confidence Coaching, Hypnosis, and Energy Work, including Access Consciousness Bars and Usui Reiki.

Dr. Mahon attended graduate school at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and has used her background in Psychology in her coaching practice. She has extensive training in hypnosis, the treatment of trauma and anxiety, and considers herself to be a life-long student. One of the practices that has created the most change and influence in her life has been Access Consciousness Bars. She facilitates practitioner workshops to students wanting to learn this energy modality.

Dr. Mahon has found that through the use of “alternative” modalities, clients resolve their issues much faster and have longer lasting results than with traditional psychotherapy. She explains that so much of what has kept us stuck in our issues is beyond our conscious understanding.  Through the use of energy work and hypnosis, the root cause of these issues is more easily released, providing relief from symptoms and a much higher quality of life.

Dr. Mahon’s mission is to empower others to trust themselves, release limitations and live more joyful lives.  Dr. Mahon can be reached at

What Students & Clients Say About Access Bars training at Relax4Life:

“Fabulous!  Melissa has a true passion for Access Bars and is a very good instructor.  Thank you!”

“Great presentation and passion!”

“She and the class were awesome.”

“Informative class.  Great and balanced schedule for the day.  Fun instructor.”

“Excellent class!  Thank you!”

“Enjoyed how down to earth Melissa’s teaching is and how she used great examples to clarify key points.  I can’t wait to try this with my family and friends!”

“Amazing and awesome!”

“Loved it.  Thank you!”

“Melissa is extremely passionate and hands on. Taking her class and learning from  her changed so much in my life.”  Natalie C.

“During my first bars session with Melissa, I felt an instant shift in my energy. I continue to feel the energy flowing through my body now instead of holding it in certain parts of my body. I generally feel much lighter which is something that I have not experienced at this capacity before. Melissa not only made me feel very comfortable during my session but she also took the time to thoroughly explain the process. (Which I appreciated as someone new to having my bars run) For many years, I have struggled with getting a good nights sleep. I’ve seen numerous doctors and have taken different prescription medication to correct the issue. NOTHING has made me sleep as hard as I have been since having my bars run. I have never felt so much energy in my entire life and yet I feel entirely peaceful enough to sleep as hard as a rock at night! Things in life seem to be flowing with much more ease than usual. I’ve been able to jump out of bed the second I open my eyes each morning. Daily tasks that I would typically begrudge doing seem to be getting done with ease. I have so much clarity and feel more grounded than I ever have. Thank you is simply not enough. I am so grateful to Melissa for showing me these possibilities existed with the help of Access Consciousness tools like bars. If you have yet to experience a bars session with Melissa then I would strongly encourage you to do so. Everyone deserves to feel this kind of clarity and ease in their life.”  Reilly B.

“I highly recommend Melissa Mahon. She is truly a skilled professional. I was seeing significant improvement with my anxiety after our first session. She explained things to me in a way that made sense and I instantly felt better. She is so personable which made it easy to be completely open and honest. If you are struggling with anxiety, life issues or simply need advice, Melissa’s your girl!”  S.S.

“Melissa is amazing – she is a great listener, is really able to hear what you are saying, help analyze it and pick it apart with you, help you see the situation in a different light, and work on a plan to make changes to how you go about things in your daily life and in your goal setting and attaining. Working with Melissa really helped me see things more clearly, helped me get out of my own head a bit. Even after talking with her for one hour I would have a different, more positive outlook on where I was than I had prior to our conversation. She helped me feel more organized, in control, more empowered in my decisions. She was great at giving me permission to feel my feels, but then process those feelings and use them constructively to move through it and on to the next goal. I would highly recommend Melissa!”  Bonnie L.

“I 100% recommend Journey to Present. Melissa has helped me w a huge transition in my life. I have grown as a person so much by meeting w her. I was reading books and I was working out, but there were still hurdles that I couldn’t figure how to do. She had new innovative ideas that I had never heard of before. It changed my perspective and turned my sad thoughts to joyful. I feel so free right now. She truly helped me. She is very knowledgeable and easy to speak with.”  Lisa S.

“Melissa has been great for me. I got divorced in January and she helped me almost every step of the way. She has been a great guide through my change (or is that journey?).”  John V.