Communication With Animals-Sunday, November 14th 2020

communicating with animals
Communication With Animals workshop will help you discover how telepathic communication with animals is a natural and complete way of information exchange between all living beings. Through the information and practices learned through Communication With Animals, you'll be guided to open your intuitive channels, and be able to send and


Saturday, November 14, 2020 - 9:00 am


Saturday, November 14, 2020 - 5:30 pm


Communication With Animals-Chicago Northwest Suburbs - 26402 N. Edgemond Lane Barrington, IL 60010   View map

Communication With Animals workshop will help you discover how telepathic communication with animals is a natural and complete way of information exchange between all living beings. Through the information and practices learned through Communication With Animals, you’ll be guided to open your intuitive channels, and be able to send and receive messages with animals both in your presence and across distance. 
Through a heart-centered connection with your companion or a client’s animal, you will have a clearer understanding of their needs, behaviors, wishes, humor, wisdom, and purposes in our lives.

 You’ll learn the nature of intuition, and the elements of telepathic communication with animals, making you aware of how you may already be experiencing this connection with the animals in your life. This increased awareness and deepening connection will profoundly enhance your relationships. Limited to 8 students for safety.

Communication With Animals will introduce you to the essentials on how to get in touch with animals telepathically. Discover your blocks to communicating with animals and the levels of communication possible. Learn how to experience an animals’ perspectives, how you may have already communicated telepathically with animals, and how to expand on that. Enjoy exercises that open your heart, increase your awareness and understanding of animals and your receptivity to telepathic communication. Deepen your communion with all of life.

  Learn how to quiet and focus your attention when being with animals. Practice opening the channel to get across to 
animals and to receive what they communicate telepathically in thoughts, images, impressions, feelings, and messages.

Workshop Specifics


  • Class begins promptly at 9:00a.  Be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early for temperature check.
  • Masks are required.  For additional safety rules, click here.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • The center is kept fragrance free to protect the health of all who attend.  Click Here if you need more information about our fragrance policy.  Fragrance-free hand sanitizer will be provided.
  • Bring a sack lunch.  A refrigerator and microwave are available for your use.
  • Your professional license number (if you’re earning CEUs).  You’ll sign in with your name and license number and receive your certificate at the end of class.


Address:  26402 N. Edgemond Lane, Barrington, IL 60010  
Click here  for driving directions.
Note: if you’re using Google Maps, simply put in “Relax4Life, Barrington, IL”
Phone:  847-842-1752

Licensed Professionals who can earn CEUs for this training

The following licenses (in alphabetical order) can earn 7 CEUs:

• Acupuncturists
• Athletic Trainers
• Counselors
• Dentists/Dental Hygienists
• Dieticians/Nutritionists
• Marriage and Family Counselors
• Nurses, Nursing Home Administrators
• Occupational Therapists/OTAs
• Physical Therapists/PTAs
• Psychologists
• Respiratory Therapists
• Social Workers

About The Instructor & What Students Say

communicating with animals

Carol Schultz Groch, MBA, LMT, has been a professional Animal Communicator since 2000. Her chosen path to assist animals and their people was greatly inspired by her feline friend, Panda, a graceful, wise, and playful companion. Although Panda has since passed into spirit, Carol’s healing journey with animals continues to evolve.

Carol’s path in animal wellness has included the training and application of various intuitive healing support modalities, and a committed focus on client grief support. As Carol’s personal understanding of the interconnectivity between humans and their companion animals has expanded, she has begun to see the process of inter-species healing and communication in a different light.  As a way to more deeply understand the human side of this connection, Carol embarked upon the study of Massage, Craniosacral Therapy and the effects of trauma, and now incorporates this further learning into her work with people and their animals.   Private practice animal communication consultations with Carol support all concerns, including behavior, performance, health, life changes, end of life, in-spirit, and lost animals.  Read More.

What Students’ Say:

“Great class and Carol is very encouraging and knowledgeable-experienced with animal communication. Loved all the participants!! Loved connecting with all the animals!!”

“Loved, Loved, Loved the class and my fellow students. It felt like such a safe space to experience all the emotions on this journey.”

“A great class to open the door to animal communication; it’s great to work in the groups and get practice! Thank you Carol! You are fantastic!”

“Great class, so interesting and eye opening.”

“A nice in-depth introduction to animal communication with many practical exercises. This is a great facility with a spiritually calming atmosphere.”

“My fear is gone. I can speak with animals and get educated responses. The class was hands on and easy to understand. Loved the interaction and was accepted for my gifts.”

“I enjoyed all of this class. It helped me to better connect with all of my animal companions, both living and passed.”

“The class was perfect. Really valued all of the feeback from the practice sessions.”

“Carol provided a safe space-lots of learning in one day.”

“Carol is a wonderful presenter.  Very thorough, organized and keeps to time limits.  Excellent content.”

“Nice amount of mixing it up with people and so much practice time!”

“Great job, especially with the group activities!”

“Interesting class. Some new concepts, new techniques. The idea of where do we meet another being-do I approach it, does it come to me, do we meet in the middle?-was really profound. I feel like I’ve noticed these different communication styles throughout my life but have never before had one clear concept to explain the phenomenon. This will be a great takeaway for me.”

“Carol is a great and compassionate teacher, very knowlegeable. Loved the sharing
and insights from the communications.”

“An interesting experience learning about how to communicate with animals-some surprises! This class helps with human communication skills too!”

“Beautifully done Carol. I loved it!”

“I enjoyed listening to others about their animals and connecting with my own as well as theirs.”

“I found Carol’s experiences and advice meaningful. The exercises were well structured.”

“Carol truly knows her material and is very ethical in her practices.”

“Super wonderful teaching style, materials and expertise to lead a group thru animal communication. Simplistic and clear.”

“I love the sharing of true experiences from Carol. Her spirit and kind manner is very inspiring.”

“Great environment, very polite staff, good vibes.”

“I learned a lot and it makes me more certain I want to be an Animal Communicator.  Carol was great!  Thank you.”

“Great presenter!! Interesting ideas and topics!”

“Great class. I loved it! Carol had great exercises.”

“Well organized, educational, clear and encouraging questions.  Calm, open to questions, comments, sharing experiences.  Able to convey authenticity/credibility as animal communicator. Offered resources and liked that she was not fixated on one way or method of doing this work.”

“Great information for anyone who loves animals and wants to improve their relationship with their own or help others.”

“Awesome. Thank you Carol!!”

“Did not know what to expect and look forward to practicing and learning to turn off my thoughts and logic to be more open to intuition.  Thank you!”

“Peaceful, beautiful, comfortable learning environment. Enlightening as teacher was awesome in answering questions.”

“The instructor was well educated in her topic. She had an engaging voice and style that helped me to understand the process.”

“I thought the class was informative, interactive and the instructor was clear, warm and engaging. Would definitely attend another class here.”

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