Intro To Eden Energy Medicine-Saturday, September 30th 2023

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Saturday, September 30, 2023 - 9:00 am


Saturday, September 30, 2023 - 4:30 pm


Eden Energy Medicine Training Chicago-Northwest Suburbs - 26402 N. Edgemond Lane Barrington, IL 60010   View map

Intro To Eden Energy Medicine teaches you world-famous practices and understandings that are so important for self-care and healing. This simple yet profound class is straightforward and full of easy-to-use techniques that you can do on yourself, friends, family and clients to stay well, feel vibrant, and live a life that nourishes and brings joy.

A quick Daily Energy Routine is taught that will have your energies humming in no time, plus ways to feel more grounded and centered are explored and practiced.  Intro to Eden Energy Medicine also gives an overview of the body’s meridian system, which is one of the foundations of this work. Meridians are the rivers of energy that bathe and vitalize our body and its systems.  You will work with and balance two key meridians; Triple Warmer and Spleen, to help boost your immune system, as well as additional techniques for managing stress.  The Intro to Eden Energy Medicine is a highly interactive class full of information and techniques for self-care and client care.

Workshop Specifics

  • Class begins promptly at 9:00a.  Be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early to settle in.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • The center is kept fragrance free to protect the health of all who attend.  Click Here if you need more information about our fragrance policy.
  • Your professional license number (if you’re earning CEUs).  You’ll sign in with your name and license number and receive your certificate at the end of class.

Address:  26402 N. Edgemond Lane, Barrington, IL 60010
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Note: if you’re using Google Maps, simply put in “Relax4Life, Barrington, IL”

Phone:  847-842-1752


Licensed Professionals who can earn CEUs for this training

The following licenses (in alphabetical order) can earn 6 CEUs:

• Acupuncturists
• Athletic Trainers
• Counselors
• Dentists/Dental Hygienists
• Dieticians/Nutritionists
• Marriage and Family Counselors• Nurses, Nursing Home Administrators
* Massage Therapists
• Occupational Therapists/OTAs
• Physical Therapists/PTAs
• Psychologists
• Respiratory Therapists
• Social Workers

About the Instructor & Student Comments

Yvonne Czarniak, EEM-AP, is a certified instructor of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine practitioner and an Access Consciousness Bars practitioner.

Yvonne discovered Tai Chi in 1997 while looking for ways to slow down, clear her mind and enhance her physical fitness. After only one session, Yvonne was hooked on Tai Chi. Receiving her Tai Chi long form certification in 2000, she now teaches individuals of all ages and physical abilities the concepts of balance both inward and outward.

As a certified Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Access Consciousness Bars practitioner and an Energy Medicine 101 and 102 instructor, she assists her students and clients to both locate where their energy is sluggish or blocked and to remove those blockages.

Yvonne’s mission is helping people learn to listen to their bodies and address the slow moving or blocked energies before the issue becomes pain or discomfort. She looks forward to being of service and can be reached at:

What students say about Eden Energy Medicine:

“Loved this class.  Looking forward to level 2.  Great instructor.  She was very clear and made sure we all understood the class material.  Thank you!”

“Instructor was extremely knowledgeable, kept class moving and allowed space and time for sharing.  Thank you very much!”

“Very knowledgeable and explains everything well.”

“Wonderful class!  I learned so much and can’t wait for the next class!”

“So much wonderful info, presented in a fun, understandable way.  Loved it!  Looking forward to Level 2.”

“Yvonne did a wonderful job an an instructor…presentation, information, calmness, demeanor, simply lovely.  Thanks so much!”

“Very engaging and energetic!  Thank you!”

“Learned a lot on how to balance my energies.  Thank you.”

“Loved it and learned a lot.  Thank you!  Very grateful.”

“This class was full of knowledge and the teacher was absolutely incredible.  The property is beautiful as well!”

“Wow! Fantastic.  Yvonne lets you experience the class and just trust what you are gettting.  Thank you!”

“Yvonne is organized, clear and made the class fun!  She answered all questions and was a pleasure to learn from.”

“Yvonne is a wonderful teacher-genuinely humble and authentic with a wealth of wonderful wisdom.  She has a lovely mix of teaching, encouraging student questions and input as well as experiential.”

“Informing and awesome!  Looking forward to another class!  Thank you!”

“Great!  Loved the hands-on experience.”

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