Energy Protection Training-Sunday, September 29th 2019

energy protection training

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Sunday, September 29, 2019 - 10:00 am


Sunday, September 29, 2019 - 3:30 pm


Energy Protection Training Chicago - 26402 N. Edgemond Lane Barrington, IL 60010   View map

Energy Protection training will help you discover why and how energy can negatively affect both you and others, as well as practice a number of different energy techniques and strategies to help stop you from picking up unhealthy energy from others or 
transferring unhealthy energy to them.

Unhealthy and toxic energies can easily be transferred during a therapy session from client to practitioner and vice-versa. Many energy and body workers report feeling drained or fatigued after working with certain clients. Some professionals and non-professionals experience the same effect while simply being in the presence of co-workers, friends and family; noting that other’s thoughts, emotions and words can also have a profound impact on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Energy protection training for many professionals and the general public is a must.

Why do we find it exhausting to be around stressed people?
Why do we find it exhausting to be around negative people?
Why do we find it exhausting just to be around certain people?

Workshop Specifics

  • Class begins promptly at 10:00a.  Be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early for check in.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • The center is kept fragrance free to protect the health of all who attend.  Click Here if you need more information about our fragrance policy.
  • Bring a sack lunch.  A refrigerator and microwave are available.  Note:  Lunch is only 30 minutes; therefore there isn’t enough time to leave the premises.
  • Your professional license number (if you’re earning CEUs).  You’ll sign in with your name and license number at the end of class and receive your certificate.

Address:  26402 N. Edgemond Lane, Barrington, IL 60010
Click here for driving directions.
Note: if you’re using Google Maps, simply put in “Relax4Life, Barrington, IL”

Phone:  847-842-1752


Licensed Professionals who can earn CEUs for this training

Licensed Professionals who can earn CEUs for this training

The following licenses (in alphabetical order) can earn 5 CEUs:

• Acupuncturists
• Athletic Trainers
• Counselors
• Dentists/Dental Hygienists
• Dieticians/Nutritionists
• Marriage and Family Counselors
• Massage Therapists
• Nurses, Nursing Home Administrators
• Occupational Therapists/OTAs
• Physical Therapists/PTAs
• Psychologists
• Respiratory Therapists
• Social Workers

About the Instructor & Student Comments

John Robertson is a T’ai Chi Chuan, Qigong and Martial Arts instructor.  He holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do Karate with The World Tang Soo Do Association, is a Level VII Master Instructor with World Ki Gong (CN: Qigong) and is a Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor with The National Qigong Association.  John is also a certified Reiki Master Instructor, reflexologist and an ordained minister. He has received training in the US, UK and China.

    John also has an interest in acupuncture, acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the I-Ching and metaphysics. He believes that understanding these fields and more is crucial to the effective and responsible practice of all forms of healing and martial arts.

    The message he conveys to his students is one of healing and non-aggression. In other words, find peaceful, energetic ways to help heal the body, mind and spirit of those we interact with so the use of self-defense techniques is only considered as a very last resort.

What Students Say About the Energy Protection Training at Relax4Life:

“John Robertson brings tremendous knowledge, experience and humor to all of his classes.  This was no different.”

“Very knowledgeable, open and addressed things from students as they were brought up.  Would come back for an advanced training from him.  Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed this class and found the mood that John established to be very supportive and calming. I now have a new set of practices that will improve how I experience life.”

“Very relaxing, focused and organized.”

“This was great information for an LMT!”

“Very informative and practical information that I can put into practice right away.”

“This was so helpful for support on both a personal and professional level.”

“Great job balancing lecture with practice.  Good humor with a lot of good exercises.”

“Absolutely wonderful!”

“Very informative and funny.  Great combination for an instructor!”

“John did a great job of tailoring his teachings to the specific needs of the students.  He took time to answer all questions thoroughly and provided opportunities to practice.”

“Great class-learned many techniques to take away toxic things in my life! Teacher was great!”

“I appreciated that John took the time to understand what everyone in the class was seeking to gain and was able to meet everyone’s needs.  Such a great person with healing energy.  I feel as if this class will help me in the present and future.”

“Very good.  Mostly new info.  Great teacher.  Appreciate him staying late!”

“This class was wonderful.  Thank you!”

“Safe environment.  Instructor able to gear his presentation to address specific student needs.”

“Excellent instructor.  The class was informative and I will put what I learned into practice.”

“Meditative, instructional, reflective-not to be missed.”

“John is an excellent teacher. He was able to incorporate personal experience and discussion as part of the overall learning.  He explained concepts from a variety of sources and systems into an understandable presentation that is easily applicable and usable.”

“He was fantastic!  Very gifted speaker.  Loved it!”

“Enjoyable, experiential class. Feel like I’ve learned techniques that I will use going forward. Thank you!”

“This was awesome and very useful…would recommend to a friend!”

“A most excellent teacher.  John is wonderful and very knowledgeable.”

“John is a wealth of knowledge.  His classes are instructional and fun.  Enjoyed this class.  Learned tools to protect energy fields.”

“John’s energy classes are the best! Very informative and useful on a daily basis.”

“The class was great! The meditations were wonderful and I learned a lot of new information.”

“Nice pace, relaxing voice, good humor.”

“Instructor was very enjoyable.  Clear understanding of course information.”

“Great! Thank you very much for all of your help, information and teachings.”

“Really enjoy the instructor.  Always brings new and interesting info.  The attention to us and his sense of humor is wonderful and greatly appreciated.  Thanks.”

“John is a great instructor.  Great interaction in class.  Learned many things to help protect self and others.  Many awesome meditations.”

“Very informational and fun too! Nice informal and comfortable environment.”

“The instructor had a nice balance of ‘instructor persona’ and personal connection-not an easy balance for instructors to maintain.  He clearly knows the materials very well yet made it simple/clear/easy to understand and practice.  He made it safe for students to participate, share, be vulnerable.  I liked the balance between didactic, physical movement and meditation approaches.”

“Love the visualizations and meditation exercises. Very helpful with great explanations. Thank you!”

“Great workshop. Learned a great deal about protecting myself and opening my third eye. This was a wonderful way to learn and spend the day. As always, John was terrific and the time went by so fast.”

“Great job making esoteric topics practical for daily work environments. I’ll use some of these techniques in my counseling practice for sure!”

“Excellent diversity on very practical techniques for energy protection. John is funny and engaging-class was well taught. I may take this class again in a few years to reintegrate information. Enjoyed it very much!”

“Good intro to alternative ways to prevent burnout.”

“Very informative and reminded me of the energetic fields.  Brought light to new ideas and how to bring them together and have clear, healthy boundaries and protection.  Thank you!”

“I really resonated with both the class content and other students’ stories.  I felt like everything in my life makes sense now, whereas even on the drive here, I was questioning myself, intuition, sanity etc.  I feel more prepared to cope in all aspects of my life, and able to better explain to others.  Thank you.”

“Awesome. Very knowledgeable. Loved the meditations.”

“Look forward to future classes with this teacher.”

“Clarification of pre-existing knowledge in new, useful ways.”

“This is a must for everyone…thank you so much!”

“A wonderful education in using the energy of traditional chinese medicine for protection and self care.”

“Very thorough and useful techniques to use ongoing.  John was very responsive to questions.”

“I enjoy coming here!  Instructor was great and very fun.  Thanks!”

“Loved this class-good vibes teacher.”

“Great topic and presented so well.  Thankful for available resource going forward! Thanks!”

“Good class.  I realize its an entry into a world I am just learning about.  John was fantastic as always.”

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