your walk reveals your soul

Yana German is a body language expert, transformation coach, and intuitive. For eighteen years, she has been guiding individuals through positive transformation by helping them to amend old patterns, behaviors, habits and thinking. Her focus is to analyze physical movements, such as the way a person walks, so that she can she assess energy, current state of connectedness and balance.  
Having studied momentum and movement as a ballroom dancer for many years, Yana knows the correlation between how a person moves (walk, stand) to how they truly feel inside. By tuning into each specific movement, she can observe what is functioning within the dysfunction of a person, pinpoint their inner feelings and see if they are connected with themselves and what their true potential is. 
Her goal is to unveil each person’s mind-body connection and how a new awareness can strengthen them physically, emotionally and mentally.
She can be reached at: